Our goal is to make all our Sailors as comfortable as possible, both on board and at our destinations. Our lady ships have spacious corridors to accommodate 180-degree turns for wheelchairs/scooters. Most decks are accessible through automatic doors, and all public spaces feature entrances with gradual inclines. Sailors should contact their First Mate or Sailor Services in advance should they require mobility-assistive devices.

Mobility Assisted Vehicles

Sailors who require the regular use of medical equipment, wheelchair, or scooter should bring their own or rent from one of our vendors, Scootaround or Special Needs Group. Scooters should either fold or disassemble to be easily stored in your cabin.



Phone: (toll-free) 888-441-7575 or 204-982-0657


Special Needs Group

Phone: (toll-free) 888-988-6967 or 954-585-0575

ADA Mobility Equipment

Ship Design

Our ships were designed to accommodate Sailors who may require the use of a wheelchair or scooter.

  • Dining and entertainment venues have seating/space for mobility vehicles
  • Automatic doors
  • Accessible bathrooms/toilets on all public decks
  • Lift access available on all public decks
  • Access to pools, hot tubs, Athletic Club, and Aquatic Club
  • Aquatic wheelchair available in spa/pool 
  • Treatment room available to accommodate a wheelchair in the spa

ADA Ship Design

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