A (very) limited-time offer to help you keep your vacation glow going.

Score $300 in onboard credit, stack it up with additional offers, and save more!

Don’t wait — this offer ends 14 days after disembarkation.

You’re barely home and we already miss you. So we came up with an exclusive can’t-miss offer to get you back on board — and this time, with a bunch of your friends. Because by placing a $300 deposit within 14 days from disembarkation, you’ll get $300 in onboard credit on your next voyage. And you can repeat the process up to 3 more times! So hit up your crew and get them on board — and save, earn, and sail away 🤩

All the perks that come with making that glow last.

  • Onboard Credit - The Lasting Glow
  • Eligible cabin categories
    Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, and XL Sea Terrace cabins, as well as our RockStar and Mega RockStar Quarters, are eligible for this offer.
  • Combine Offers - The Lasting Glow
  • Combinability
    Stack The Lasting Glow perks with our current limited-time offer to multiply your savings and add even more value to your luxurious voyage.
  • Save Even More - The Lasting Glow
  • Working with a First Mate (aka travel advisor)?
    Keep your First Mate in the loop with automatic notification plus credit for your new booking, and kick back as they help manage your next voyage.

Here’s how it works:

Place $300 deposit for My Next Virgin Voyage

Place a $300 deposit toward your next sailing

Lock in the offer with a $300 deposit made within 14 days from disembarkation — no new voyage date, destination, or travel mate needed yet.

Lock in $300 for My Next Virgin Voyage

Lock in $300 in onboard credit

Once you book a new voyage, you’ll receive a $300 onboard credit which you can use towards a massage at the spa, a shopping spree, a new tattoo — practically anything your heart desires on your upcoming sailing.

Book and Sail My Next Virgin Voyage

Book and sail within 2 years from the deposit date

Explore the world in a Sea Terrace, RockStar, or Mega RockStar Quarters with up to 2 years to book and sail using your The Lasting Glow code.

We read minds, and we can prove it.

Our The Lasting Glow offer is exclusive to Sailors who have sailed within the last 14 days.

Though you can, you definitely don’t have to. The $300 deposit required to lock in The Lasting Glow perks (plus $300 in onboard credit) also works as a placeholder, allowing you to decide your sailing date and itinerary within 2 years of your deposit. Then, whenever you’re ready to schedule your voyage, just log in to your account and click on “Schedule Voyage” to browse all itineraries and cabins eligible for your offer — easy and (sea) breezy. 
Please keep in mind that a deposit of 20% of the total voyage fare (minus your original $300 deposit) is required at booking whenever your voyage is 120 days out. All bookings made within 120 days of the sailing date require full payment at the time of booking.

Absolutely! Contact our Sailor Services Crew at +1 954-488-2955 (US), +44 (20) 300-34919 (UK), or +61 (1800) 491708 (AUS), and they’ll be happy to help.

Our Crew is available from 8am – 9pm on weekdays and 9am – 6pm on weekends. All calls are received in our Florida-based office.

Yes, your First Mate will be notified that you’ve registered for The Lasting Glow offer and will automatically be added to your new reservation, so don’t hesitate to reach out when planning your next voyage or if you’re transferring your placeholder booking to your friends and family.

Most Sea Terrace cabins (The Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, and XL Sea Terrace), RockStar Quarters, and Mega RockStar Quarters are eligible for this offer. 

Lock it in Rates, Social Insider, Solo Insider, The Insider, Solo Sea View, The Sea View, and Ltd View Sea Terrace are excluded from this offer.

“The Lasting Glow” Offer Terms and Conditions

Updated: January 31, 2024
This offer has been revised as of May 15, 2024

1. Offer Terms.

1.1. Current Offer Terms. These terms and conditions detail our “The Lasting Glow” Offer. This offer is an extension of our “My Next Virgin Voyage” Program, enabling a Sailor who has sailed within the last 14 days to register for a post voyage offer incentive. This offer applies to a disembarked passenger, i.e., “Sailor” in our marketing voice, who has sailed within the last 14 days.

1.2. Effective January 31, 2024, “The Lasting Glow” Offer consists of a $300 USD Onboard Credit, applicable towards the Sailor’s future voyage. Sailors can reserve “The Lasting Glow” Offer by placing a $300 USD (or currency equivalent) deposit, acting as a Placeholder reservation.

1.3. A $300 USD deposit is required to register for the My Next Virgin Voyage Offer in the form of a Placeholder booking. A Sailor also has the option to make a deposit of 20% of their voyage fare if they know the date in which they’d like to sail on their future booking. If booking in currencies other than USD, the deposit will be converted to an equivalent deposit amount in the booking’s currency. To be clear, this means that the deposit amount in currencies other than USD will fluctuate based on the currency exchange rate, which is updated monthly. Payments for deposits will be accepted in the form of personal credit or debit card; existing Future Voyage Credits, Sailor Loot and Corporate Cards are not accepted forms  of payment. A Placeholder booking will secure a prospective booking for the Sailor in a future voyage within a two booking window. The booking window is a two year period from the day the Sailor makes their deposit.  

1.4. Sailors will receive a $300 USD Sailor Loot credit on their Next Virgin Voyage. 

1.5. A Sailor can register for “The Lasting Glow” Offer by calling Sailor Services or directly online via the website link of

1.6. The Sailor has two (2) years to book and sail from the registration date.  A Sailor who fails to book and sail within this 2-year time period forfeits the $300 USD deposit paid, the future Sailor Loot credit and the future voyage fare discount. The Offer will automatically expire at the two (2) year mark.

1.7. Sailors who wish to cancel their deposit within seven (7) days of registering for “The Lasting Glow” Offer are eligible to receive a full refund of their $300 USD deposit.

1.8. Sailors who wish to cancel their deposit after seven (7) days of registering for the “Extend The Glow” Offer are eligible to receive a Future Voyage Credit (FVC) equivalent to the amount of deposit. This FVC is valid for one (1) year from the date of cancellation. Cancellation forfeits the future voyage discount and sailor loot.

1.9. After registration is complete, the Sailor will receive an email confirmation with a deposit reference number.  Once the Sailor selects a voyage with this deposit reference number, payment of the regular 20% deposit will be due. The reservation will then follow and the deposit reference number will become the Booking ID number. The booking will be subject to the Cancellation Policy in effect at that time.

1.10. “The Lasting Glow” Offer is subject to all restrictions and exclusions set forth in Section 2 below. 

2. Exclusions / Caveats.

2.1. Combining with Other Offers. “The Lasting Glow” Offer may be combined with most other offers, programs, and/or promotions. Virgin Voyages will be able to inform the Sailor booking a future voyage what combinable offers are eligible or available, if any, once the specific future voyage is booked. Without a future voyage date, Virgin Voyages is unable to assess eligible combinable offers.

2.2. “The Lasting Glow” Offer is not combinable with deeply discounted rates (including but not limited to Sweepstakes, Casino, Charters, First Mate Rates, Free Access Key Promotions, First Mate Exclusive Sailor Loots, Contracted Group Rates, Affinity Circle Sailor Loot, Interline Rates, etc.).

2.3. Only one (1) “The Lasting Glow” Offer may be applied to a future reservation. This includes any previous and future variations of the “My Next Virgin Voyage” Onboard Offer, “The Lasting Glow” Offer, “The Lasting Glow” Holiday Offer, and the “Extend The Glow” Offer.

2.4. “The Lasting Glow” Offer is applicable to new bookings only. This excludes the application to retroactively applying the offer to previous bookings.

2.5. Booking/Travel Window: Sailors have a 2-year booking window to redeem this Offer from the date of their deposit. Said another way: Sailors must book and sail within 2 years of their deposit.

2.6. Each Sailor is eligible to register for a total of four (4) future bookings from “The Lasting Glow” Offer. A $300 USD or currency equivalent deposit is required per offer. 

2.7. Upon redemption of “The Lasting Glow” Offer registration, or “Placeholder,” the currency originally used for the deposit payment will carry over to the newly converted booking. The currency exchange rate will be based on the purchase date of “The Lasting Glow” Offer Placeholder. 

2.8. Sailors do not have to pick a specific voyage date upon registration. Sailors have the option to book a “Placeholder” to secure the offer benefits with a USD $300 deposit or currency equivalent. As noted above in section 2.5 a Sailor has a two (2) year window to redeem this Offer by converting the Placeholder to a booking.

2.9. Once a Sailor has chosen a future voyage date, they may only change their new voyage date up until one (1) year after the original chosen voyage date.

2.10. A Sailor may transfer their My Next Virgin Voyage offer one (1) time to another Sailor.

2.11. The “My Next Virgin Voyage” Offer applies solely to “The Sea Terrace” cabins and above categorized cabins/suites on the future voyage. Sailors must choose a cabin category for their future voyage in order to participate in this Offer. Cabin categories are as follows in decreasing order of precedence:

Category Rank      Category (**)
1                                 Massive Suite
2                                 Fab Suite
                               Posh Suite
4                                Gorgeous Suite
5                                  Mega RockStar Suite Lock It In Rate
6                                  Brilliant Suite
7                                  Cheeky Corner Suite - Biggest Terrace
8                                  Cheeky Corner Suite - Even Bigger Terrace
9                                 Cheeky Corner Suite - Pretty Big Terrace
10                                Seriously Suite
11                                 Sweet Aft Suite - Biggest Terrace
12                               Sweet Aft Suite - Even Bigger Terrace
13                                Sweet Aft Suite - Pretty Big Terrace
14                                RockStar Suite Lock It In Rate
15                                XL Sea Terrace
16                              Central Sea Terrace
17                                The Sea Terrace

(**) Note: Only eligible cabin/suite categories are listed.
2.12. Sailors may not downgrade to a Sea Terrace: (Slightly) Smaller Balcony, Ltd View Sea Terrace, Sea Terrace Lock It In Rate cabin, The Sea View, Solo Sea View, Sea View Lock It In Rate, The Insider, Solo Insider, or Insider Lock It In Rate cabin at a later date.

2.13. Sailors may upgrade to a higher category, subject to availability. They may also participate in Level Upgrade bidding, subject to Virgin Voyages opening of that separate offer.

2.14. Any full-ship accommodation voyages (i.e., charter voyages) are excluded from this Offer. 

2.15. Once “The Lasting Glow” Placeholder is converted to a Ship & Sail Date, the reservation cannot be reverted back to a Placeholder after the voyage has been selected. Once converted, the reservation will then follow the Virgin Voyages standard booking policies and may be changed up to one (1) time to a different voyage date.

3. Applicability to Travel Agents.

3.1. Travel Agents registered with Virgin Voyages (i.e., “First Mates”) whose clients are registered for “The Lasting Glow” Offer will receive commission in accordance with their First Mates’ agreement with Virgin Voyages, unless their client expressly opts out of doing so. Commission will be paid on the net voyage fare their client pays, 120 days prior to their client’s future voyage. Any promotional Sailor Loot credit given with this offer is also non-commissionable.

4. Previous Offer Versions. 

4.1. Between the dates of November 11, 2022 to January 31, 2024, The Lasting Glow Offer was applicable to Sailors if a Sailor opted out of registering for the My Next Virgin Voyage Offer while onboard. The Sailor was granted access to The Lasting Glow post-voyage microsite, allowing Sailors to purchase this offer for 14 days after the Sailor had disembarked. The Lasting Glow Offer consisted of a $300 discount and a $300 onboard credit (i.e., “Sailor Loot” in our marketing voice) towards the voyage the Sailor has registered for. The terms and conditions of the My Next Virgin Voyages Onboard Offer otherwise apply, except as amended by this The Lasting Glow Offer. This offer has been discontinued as of January 31, 2024.

4.2. Between the dates of December 2, 2022 to December 15, 2022, any Sailor who had sailed with Virgin Voyages was granted access to a microsite allowing them to purchase The Lasting Glow Offers. Sailors who had sailed with us on deeply discounted fares, on charter voyages, on Friends and Family voyages, or on travel agent/preview events, are excluded. This offer has been discontinued as of December 15, 2022.

5. These terms and conditions are subject to change with or without notice at any time.


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