Ahoy Sailor! Welcome to how we do cruises voyages. A 24/7 festival at sea where tranquility meets curiosity with no kids, no buffets, and no limits. Come stray with us.

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Eat & Drink (Well)

To live well is to dine well

Soho by the sea

Like any perfectly diverse city block, dining is never the same. One minute you crave a lavish dinner with bottles of Chianti, the next you jones for food truck-style tacos—our all-included, responsibly sourced food makes it easy to strike a balance.

Now I'm Hungry
A playful animated gif of sailors tossing food into each other's mouths.
Our onboard eatery for steak and seafood, The Wake.

A watered-down cut of a Broadway musical? We're👏not👏having👏it. Real talk: we brought spice to ur life, rhythm to a nation, and woke u up before u go-go’d. Expect nothing less when we take it to sea—it's a 24/7 festival aimed at never being normal.

I'm game
A gif of a cat with lasers coming out of its eyes overlaying a shot of The Manor.
A colorful shot of dancers immersed in a crowd during a performance.

Gimme, gimme more

(we did, and it's all included)

Sailing free of hidden fees stamp



We've taken care (of taking care) of your servers, so tipping is on us.

Pretty fly for a WiFi stamp

Unlimited WiFi

Unlimited WiFi

Post to Insta to your heart's content. Need to stream? Upgrade to our premium plan.

Eat your heart out stamp

No dining cover charges

No dining cover charges

From refined dining to relaxed casual, enjoy 20+ eateries - all included.

Sea legs stamp

Group workouts

Group workouts

#namaste or #namasteHereNSweat - all your group fitness classes are covered.

Massive suite day Image of a sea terrace cabin during the day.


Elevated, even at sea level

We get it. You might be anxious about cabin living. Let us nip that in the bud right now. The power team who brought flat beds to Virgin Atlantic has, well, you'll have to check out what they did with these beds — they're all sorts of...magical.

I need to see this
Image of a sea terrace cabin during the day.


Unleash your wanderlust

Here's an idea... instead of endlessly scrolling Insta for #getaways, actually go on one. We've picked seaside destinations to satisfy all your cravings, and by curating itineraries with late stays and overnights — we show you the real people and experiences that make each port so special.

I'm packing already
A black and white portrait of Richard Branson.
Don't just build a ship, create a yearning for the sea. — Richard Branson

What do creative innovators do when they've conquered land and space? Well, they take their skills to the sea. Richard Branson brought together the most inspiring partners to build a ship worthy of breaking barriers (and waves).

Check this ship out
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