Busting myths about our lady ships.

Have you ever wondered, is this cruise for me?

Of course it is, and we’ll tell you why. No matter how you like to vacation — there’s something for everyone aboard our lady ships. From questions from prospective Sailors (with answers from real Sailors!) to behind-the-scenes videos, we’re letting our Sailors who know us best show you what it’s like aboard our lady ships.

You asked. Our Sailors answered.

From luxurious inclusions to the best ways to relax on board, see what our Sailors have to say about sailing aboard our exclusively adult voyages.

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"My husband and I would choose a Cruise with Virgin every single time."

Everything they include means you aren't constantly reaching into your pocket or worried about your bill at the end. Compared to hotels right now,  cruising is the best value.

Lesley C. 
49, Florida


"Cruising for sure."

You get to go to exciting places and take your hotel with you, and with Virgin, you get to do it in style. Their private beach club is so cool. I have been spoiled by them forever.

Jacob B.
53, Virginia


"It's a no brainer for my wife and I."

Virgin offers such an incredible vacation and incredible value. The vibe is unmatched. Sitting in the hammock looking out over the ocean as the world sails by is everything. We bought one for our home to create our slice of Virgin Voyages on our patio.

Colton J. 
Texas, 36

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"No competition!!! Go Virgin."

Tasty food. Check. Top-notch entertainment. Check. Wifi. Check. Gratuities. Check. Exercise classes. Check. Drinks. Check. Friendly service. Check. WE LOVED IT.

Jimmy A. 
44, North Carolina

Sailor Video Spotlight

Behind the scenes with one of our Sailors.

Christine Lozada took it to her YouTube channel Where in the World is cL to help you decide if Virgin Voyages is the right cruise line for you. From real price examples to breaking down a few of the biggest misconceptions people have about our voyage experience, CL gives you 8 things to consider *and* literally gives away how to score our best offer of all.

And some behind the scenes questions

We say to expect the unexpected when sailing with us, but let us help you uncover some things that we do think should be expected.

No matter your age, or how you like to unwind, our exclusive adult ships — and all the places we go — suit Sailors of every age (unless you’re under 18, of course). But don’t take it from us, let our Sailors from all ages tell you about their experiences:

“It’s a really mixed group of ages. I saw all shapes, sizes and ages. There was everything from 20s to 80s. What I was really impressed with is how everybody was thoroughly enjoying themselves.”
Debbie H.
60, New Jersey

“The thing I love about Virgin is how no matter who you are, you’re going to love it. Richard’s Branson had his 72nd birthday onboard. I saw a family celebrating a 21st.”
Lance B.
43, Florida

“I was onboard for my 20th anniversary and felt completely relaxed and welcome. Age is just a number has never been more true. They are all about enjoying life no matter what your number is.”
Olivia O.
52, Florida

From truffle gnocchi with affogato for dessert at Extra Virgin and perfectly-zested hamachi crudo at The Wake, to meat-grilling accouterments at our first-to-sea Korean BBQ spot, Gunbae — our 20+ unique eateries with menus designed by a Michelin-starred chef collective use fresh ingredients to create made-to-order (and always-included) food. Never stuffy and always welcoming, no matter your craving or your vibe, there’s a restaurant on board that will suit you. But we’ll let our Sailors tell you more:

“I’ve been on around 70 cruises on over 15 different cruise lines, and the food on Virgin is probably my favorite out of all of them.  From The Wake (steak and seafood) to Extra Virgin (Italian) to the Galley, I’ve never had a bad meal onboard. For lunch, I highly recommend eating at The Dock, one of my favorite parts of the ship. Another small detail that I love is that you can get 24/7 breakfast in the Galley. If you want an omelet at 10 pm, you can get an omelet at 10 pm.”
Cruise Fever “7 reasons to take a cruise on Virgin Voyages”

With luxurious inclusions on every single one of our cruises, you’ll always get exceptional value when voyaging with us. It’s something we’ve coined Always Included Luxury — which means that on every single cruise, we include dining at our 20+ eateries, entertainment, gratuities, wifi, unlimited fitness classes, still and sparkling water in your voyage fare. Discover more about what's included on a Virgin Voyage cruise. See what our Sailors have to say about their choice between the two:

"My husband and I would choose a cruise with Virgin every single time. Everything they include means you aren’t constantly reaching into your pocket or worried about your bill at the end. Compared to hotels right now, cruising is the best value."
Lesley C. 
49,  Florida

"I like to call sailing with Virgin ‘Much More Inclusive’. I feel like some resorts trick you with inclusions but there are caveats. Same as some other cruise lines. Whereas Virgin is upfront. The dining is the best at sea. The crew is second to none."
Mim M.
72, Nevada

We offer a casually luxurious premium sailing experience. With no dress codes, no nickel and diming, and so much to do, see, and be a part of aboard our exclusively adult ships — we could tell you exactly what you’ll enjoy the most, but instead, we think the Sailors who have done it all can tell you best:

“I was blown away by the service.They call us RockStars, but their crew treat everyone so well. Every detail was handled. I wish I had this kind of service everywhere. Booked another two already.”
Andy G.
59, Georgia

“I’ve been on dozens of cruisers with other companies, but now I’m a Virgin fan for life. The food is outstanding. The best I’ve had on a cruise.”
Margie S.
67, Florida

“There are cruises and there are voyages. I get what the difference is now. Virgin spoiled me and my wife on our anniversary. My friends asked me what made it great? I just told them it was everything.”
Ian F.
63, Sydney, AUS


We’ve swapped kids menus for Michelin star chef curated menus, because while children are one of life’s great joys, we believe absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s why, despite the fact that our ships are a playground for your inner child, we’ve chosen to curate a casually luxurious adults-only cruise experience — which means you have to be 18 and up to sail with us. While we can tell you all about what that means for our onboard experiences, let our Sailors give you their intel as well.

While we love an epic party, our seafaring getaways are incredibly relaxing and serene experiences as well — curated purposefully for you to have the kind of vacation that suits your vibe. But we’ll let our Sailors tell you more:

“It’s up to you. I was out exploring all day on the Mediterranean cruise then at night would be in bed early so I was ready for the next day. The room and bed are really comfortable so I woke up ready to go again. I'm sailing in the Caribbean next.”
Chris M
30, Florida

“A very relaxing trip for me. Spa in the mornings. Daybed and a cocktail at the Dock area in the afternoons. One night I fell asleep in my hammock to the sound of the ocean. Take me back now please.”
Taryn A
64, Florida

“I’ve been on lots of cruises, and this was my favorite by far. The ship is stunning. The crew are second to none. I love their attitude-not-age approach. As for the parties, yes, they have epic ones. But if you just want to have a break, this ship offers it all.”
Michael J
33, New York

Vacation time is limited, so we know how important it is to make sure you choose the right experience for your time off. Fortunately, we’ve been lucky to be featured in a number of publications who wrote about their own experiences and opinions about being on board. Have a look at the articles below and get an even better idea of what it’s like to sail with us: For more Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Always Included Luxury

Over $1000 in value. The luxury you deserve — without the nickel & diming from the others. Look (far) beyond the headline rate.


All Food

From refined dining to relaxed casual, all of our 20+ eateries featuring menus curated by Michelin star chefs are yours to enjoy.


Soft Drinks & Water

Stay hydrated with still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas and even drip coffee.



Browse, post, and stay connected with wifi — whenever you want, and wherever you are on the ship.



We've taken care (of taking care) of your servers, so we cover the gratuities for your onboard experiences.

Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

Yoga, meditation, cycling, HIIT classes, and more — all your group fitness classes are covered.


Shows & Entertainment

Developed by the world’s most-talked-about producers and artists, you have a ticket to all of our awe-inspiring shows.

@JensSuitcase on Tw

“Food-meets-Science” WOW!

"Being a ridiculously fussy eater, I’ve shied away from tasting menu-style eateries for years, despite many being on my ‘hit list’.  She will shy away no more I say! We ate at @VirginVoyages Test Kitchen where “Food-meets Science” 🍽 🧪 WOW! What an experience. #cruise"

JensSuitcase sailor test kitchen on twitter
JensSuiteCase sailor TestKitchen food on Twitter

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