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Richard Branson living the Virgin Voyages lifestyle on the beach.


"There is nothing more important in this world than our oceans, and we're on a mission to protect them and set an example. Success needn't compromise sustainability"

-- Richard Branson
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Epic Sea Change For All

We're setting out to not just sail responsibly, but to leave the ocean and its communities better off. We aim to minimize environmental impacts, establish responsible supply chains, promote thriving local economies, and play a leading role in protecting and restoring the ocean’s health.

Richard Branson enjoying the Virgin Voyages lifestyle.


Ocean partners

We're working with organizations on land and sea to help keep the ocean blue. From our onsite state-of-the-art technologies (Climeon and Scanship), to our strategic partnerships with organizations and suppliers like Emerald Brands and Ocean Unite — we plan to change sailing for the better.


Sustainable at sea

Materials and products used on board have been sourced with sustainability in mind. From repurposing ocean plastic and including upcycled materials in our retail collection, to offering healthy skincare products and reef-safe sunscreen — we’re creating Sailor experiences that are both luxurious and green.

Crew well-being

We pride ourselves on our world-class crew. Coming from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, we've hired incredible people from a variety of industries to bring our vision to life.

Some of the Virgin Voyages team.

Working with us comes with a myriad of perks. Most importantly, Scarlet, the mermaid who adorns our first ship, is our symbol of progress and represents our pledge to help women flourish in industries, like shipbuilding and engineering, previously occupied exclusively by men. Our goal is to foster growth and equality for the people who work hard for us. And when you're in our crew, you get treated like royalty. Crew digs are designed by the same guys who did our cabins, and downtime is yours to do whatever you like (our sweet staff bar is a pretty good place to start).

Onboard Policies

Sustainably sourced

Plastic ain't fantastic

Unnecessary single use plastics, including straws, water bottles, shopping bags, food packaging, stirrers and takeaway cups are banned from our ship.

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Tinted windows, LED lighting, and room sensors are just a few of the design choices that help our ship to use less energy and minimize our carbon footprint.

Authentically Eco

Food for thought

From eliminating buffets to serving sustainable seafood and direct trade coffee, we're using some clever techniques to reduce waste and source responsibly.

Clean living

This is powerful stuff

We're pioneering innovative technologies that transform heat from the ship's engines into clean energy, and purify wastewater so that it’s even clean enough to drink.

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