Transatlantic & Repositioning Cruises

A uniquely curated way to sea the world Arrow Down

A singular adventure

One way, a million possibilities

A repositioning Voyage means more opportunities to discover the world — and yourself along the way.

More days at sea mean more time to experience the always included luxury our award-winning lady ships have to offer – world-class dining, specialty programming curated for a longer stay, and unique jaw-dropping destinations.

Specialty Long Voyage Programming

With our uniquely curated onboard experiences and entertainment, there’s never a dull moment at sea.

Speaker Sessions

Speaker sessions

Learn more about the rich cultural heritage and history of your destinations and our Virgin experience.

Festival Stage Acts

Festival Stage Acts

More chances to experience our award-winning entertainment - from comedy, to music, dance and more.

Bridge Tours

Bridge Tours

See what makes our lady ship tick with a tour of the bridge, where the ship is steered and navigated!

Thermal Pass

Weekly Thermal Pass

Spend even more time luxuriating at our onboard thermal spa with a weekly pass.

Games, Groups, and Clubs

Games, Groups, and Clubs

Enjoy more onboard activities with your fellow Sailors like Bridge and other card games, tournaments, and even book clubs.

Specialty Daily Dishes

Specialty Daily Dishes

Dine on specialty menu items across our restaurants cooked up specifically for our long Voyages.

New Galley Offerings

New Galley Offerings

We’re shaking the menu so you’ll never have to eat the same food twice (unless you want to).

Ports to cross off your bucket list

Arrival to adventure

We’re here to make your travel easy (sea) breezy

Seafaring is easy with us so we can help take care of the details so you make the most of every minute.

We get it…travel is a lot. With our onboard luxury experiences, dining, and entertainment, you’ll never worry about what’s next. We can even help book flights and hotels so you can focus on what’s important — like snapping the perfect sunset selfie.

  • Virgin Voyages
    Check out our epic onboard experiences
    Sail in style with five-star dining, award-winning entertainment, cozy cabins, and so much more onboard our luxurious lady ship.
  • Virgin Voyages
    More time to enjoy our Always Included Luxury
    A longer Voyage means even more time to enjoy all the award-winning luxury experiences our lady ship has to offer.
  • Virgin Voyages
    Let us handle the tedious (and other!) planning
    Sailor Services is here to help you book flights and hotels. Contact our Voyage planners after booking and we'll take care of the rest.

Cruise the canal

Sea history for yourself

Cruise the Panama canal and explore a historic port between the seas.

First opened in 1904, the Panama Canal is a feat of human engineering that opened a pathway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans we humans have been using to Voyage ever since. And now you can enjoy all the views from our signature red hammocks.

The Atlantic awaits

Unrivaled transatlantic Voyages

Set sail on a uniquely curated sea-crossing Voyage from Miami, San Juan, or Quebec.

Turn the Atlantic into a sea of self discovery. Start at home and travel abroad or vice-versa on a unique one-way Voyage. With ports in Barcelona, New York, Halifax, and beyond you’ll embark on a port-hopping adventure through iconic destinations and crossing whole continents off your bucket list.

Peruse the Pacific

A perfect Pacific vacation

Make plans for a life-changing Voyage across the Pacific — setting sail now from multiple ports.

Picture it: yourself and the Pacific. Sail away on a sea of new experiences on this one-way, once-in-a-lifetime Voyage. Sailing from Miami to LA through the historic Panama canal, you’ll experience natural beauty, man made marvels, and gorgeous new ports along the way.

Transatlantic and repositioning cruises are unforgettable longer voyages that blend the excitement of a cruise and traveling the open seas. Singles, solo travelers, couples, and families with young adults are welcome aboard, whether it’s the first time on a cruise, or you’re a seasoned traveler. Our transatlantic cruises offer an exceptional experience for adults seeking luxury, relaxation, and adventure.

Why Choose Virgin Voyages for Longer Cruises?

Virgin Voyages' transatlantic and repositioning cruises offer a unique and unforgettable travel experience for adults seeking relaxation and adventure. Our award winning cruise ships offer the best in luxury, service, & flexibility. Get over $1,000 of value which includes accommodation, world-class dining, WiFi, entertainment, essential drinks, and a variety of onboard activities.

Book a Transatlantic or Repositioning Cruise Today

Book your transatlantic or repositioning cruise with Virgin Voyages, make new friends and new family on a once in a lifetime journey. Cruise to your ports of call of choice, such as; Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, and the United States. Start planning your dream getaway today and experience the excitement and once in a lifetime experience of a transatlantic cruise.

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