Mark Ronson on Deck

5 Night sailing from Miami to Costa Maya, and a party in Bimini with Mark Ronson.

On this five day voyage from Miami to Costa Maya — our sail culminates in an exclusive beachside bash in Bimini DJ'ed by Mark Ronson himself.

Mark Ronson On Deck • 5 Nights

Jul 2020 Sun 05 to Fri 10

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Day 1


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Day 2


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Day 3

Costa Maya

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Day 4


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Day 5

The Beach Club at Bimini

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Day 6


Rest Your Head

These are the spots you might be calling home. Whether you prefer coffee (or cocktails) overlooking the waves, or waking up late in your own cocoon, we're holding space for you.

On Us

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Adult-by-Design 18+

No kids allowed (except your inner child).

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Unlimited WiFi

Post to Insta to your heart's content. Need to stream? Upgrade to our premium plan.

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No dining cover charges

From refined dining to relaxed casual, enjoy 20+ eateries - all included.

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We've taken care (of taking care) of your servers, so tipping is on us.

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Group workouts

#namaste or #namasteHereNSweat - all your group fitness classes are covered.

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Basic bevvies

Stay hydrated with filtered still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas, or even drip coffee if you need a boost.          

Pool glowing at night with led strip lights illuminating the stairs
Wanderlust satisfied

You & Mark Ronson... & a beach

Our five day sail through the Caribbean culminates in an exclusive experience — with Mark Ronson spinning the beats at The Beach Club at Bimini. In a rare moment of exclusivity and access, Ronson and his Grammy-winning tunes provide the ultimate backdrop for an unforgettable finale under the stars.

Cocktail drinks
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Voyage your way

Whether your idea of fun is getting lit or getting zen — we've got it. 2am tacos? Done. 4 hour long fine-dining-feast? Yours. Partying all night and watching the sun rise? Absolutely. Spending a whole day getting pampered (ahem, recovering)? Most definitely.

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