Additional Assistance We aim to be as inclusive as possible. While our health facilities are there for emergencies and short-term medical needs, Sailors should contact their First Mate or Sailor Services in advance to inquire about specific medical needs or requests.

While our medical facilities are ready to go with some of the best equipment and medical professionals available for emergencies and short-term medical needs, our facilities are not adequately equipped for this highly specialized, longer-term treatment. 

While we are unable to provide this equipment, Sailors who are undergoing peritoneal dialysis are permitted to bring their own equipment on board.

Sailors are permitted to bring oxygen cylinders and equipment on board, but please be mindful of the following guidelines:

Sailors must make independent delivery arrangements with a third party for the rental, delivery, and return of any oxygen cylinders and related medical equipment. Only two (2) cylinders per cabin may be hand carried aboard by Sailors. All other quantities must be delivered. Stevedores at the port terminal are unable to coordinate the transfer of oxygen cylinders.

Due to safety concerns and storage limitations, Virgin Voyages does not allow Sailors to carry or use liquid oxygen or large cylinder systems (greater than 680 liters or E / M-24 size). The types and quantities of oxygen cylinders allowed on board may be limited. Please contact our Sailor Services Crew to discuss your individual needs.

Sailors are responsible for notifying their air carrier of any oxygen requirements. Sailors who book their air travel through Virgin Voyages and who will require oxygen on their flight should call to speak with Sailor Services as soon as possible. This information is necessary to expedite the delivery of airline tickets and airline contact information for the Sailor to be able to make adequate arrangements with their air carrier for the use of oxygen in-flight.

Also, be aware that you are allowed only one oxygen cylinder onboard ground transportation services offered to Mega RockStar Suite Sailors. Sailors bringing more than one cylinder must make their own arrangements for transportation between the airport, lodging, and the ship terminal.

Congratulations on your new mini-Sailor! Although we’re excited you’ve decided to book, you must be less than 24 weeks pregnant by the end of the sailing. Please make sure to bring all appropriate medical documentation to confirm this timing when you arrive.

Phone: (toll-free) 888-441-7575 or 204-982-0657

Special Needs at Sea
Phone: (toll-free) 888-988-6967 or 954-585-0575
To get more information or request accessibility assistance on your upcoming voyage, fill out the Accessibility and Medical Request Form or call our Sailor Services Crew.

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