Dietary Requirements

Special Medical Diets and Food Allergies Sailors with special medical diets and/or food allergies should contact Sailor Services to discuss our policies and procedures concerning special diets and your specific allergies prior to your voyage. Please note, Virgin Voyages does not have allergen-free kitchens.

Because the ships are supplied all over the world, it may be easier to meet your specific food allergy requirements in some countries, but very difficult in others.

Special dietary requests should be submitted at least 45 days prior to sailing. For requests made with less notice, we will make our best efforts to provide your requested accommodation but cannot guarantee our ability to do so. 

  • We can arrange to have no sugar and low sodium meals for Sailors with those specific medical dietary restrictions upon request. 
  • We do not offer Halal or Kosher Dining options.

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Please note Crew Members are prohibited from storing, preparing, cooking, or reheating any food brought aboard our ships by Sailors. To get more information or request accessibility assistance on your upcoming voyage, fill out the Accessibility and Medical Request Form or call our Sailor Services Crew.

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