News Mar 28, 2022

Resilient Lady’s strong and stunning mermaid is officially here.

Resilient Lady Mermaid Paint

Around this time last year, we announced the reveal of our third lady ship, Resilient Lady, who is excitedly preparing to set sail from Greece this August. And like Scarlet and Valiant Lady before her, our newest lady ship features a boldly strong and elegantly powerful mermaid at the helm. Created by oil painter and muralist Jodie Herrera, we’re finally ready to reveal our newest mermaid to our Sailors.

Looking back on what we’ve accomplished in the last year, despite navigating an ever-changing and often unknown world, we’re especially grateful to be moving forward and exploring the seven seas the way we’ve always dreamed of. So it’s only apt that our newest mermaid, and the exceptional artist behind her, represent strength and resilience — capturing the essence of a woman who knows exactly who she is and what she wants, no matter the obstacle.

Conceptualized and beautifully brought to life by New Mexican native Jodie Herrera, our new ship’s Latina mermaid represents the inherent power of women, specifically marginalized women, and the deep importance of confidently taking up space that previously wasn’t accessible. Featuring a fiery red tale and resolute stance inspired by Rosie the Riveter, Herrera was intentional about every little detail — from her fist high in the air to the poised posture of a woman ready to take on the world; firm in her beliefs and unafraid of who or what she may encounter. Carrying Sailors forward, Herrera’s mermaid is an empowering figure rooted in her sense of self worth. A hero of the seas who is courageous, curious, and resilient.

Herrera’s work is deeply inspired by her New Mexican roots and her Latin, Jicarilla Apache, and Comanche ancestry. Herrera’s photorealistic oil paintings and murals connect and uplift women by highlighting feminist issues, with each story portraying remarkable people who have persevered throughout their lives. And Resilient Lady’s mermaid is no different; celebrating the culture, history, and people of some of the amazing regions our newest ship is so fortunate to visit. In line with our mission to showcase global beauty and diversity, it’s incredibly important to us that as we grow — our mermaids reflect the glowing beauty and diversity of our Sailors, Crew, and the world around us. From our “Dive Into Different” initiatives to our recent partnership with icon Jennifer Lopez, we also wanted a mermaid that proudly showcases our ties to the Latin community. 

Setting off on her MerMaiden voyage in May 2023, Resilient Lady is getting ready to hit the water, offering a series of seven and nine-night voyages — island hopping through hot spots like Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, Catania, Palma de Mallorca and Lisbon (to list just a few). And when we welcome you aboard this summer, we can’t wait to do so with our newest mermaid confidently guiding you toward your next incredible getaway.

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