News Jan 23, 2024

Virgin Celebration Voyages are Setting Sail August 30, Sept 1, and Sept 3.

Our 2023 Celebration voyage was so epic, we’re doing it again. Richard Branson himself is back for more special sailings celebrating the history of the Virgin brand.

A Virgin Celebration Voyage

Just as a human being goes through countless evolutions in a 50+ year lifespan, so has the Virgin brand. From our musical origins with the Sex Pistols debut Virgin Records album in 1977 to reinventing the cruise industry in 2014, and our galactic ambitions in 2023, Virgin is constantly trailblazing new territory. Whether it’s breaking all the rules or completely defying categorization, we’re celebrating over 50 years of shattering expectations with our Virgin Celebration Voyage. 

After a highly successful 2023 voyage, we’re doing it again. This special sailing is taking place August 30th, 2024, and it’s all about pulling back our signature red curtain and giving Sailors a behind-the-scenes look at the history behind the Virgin brand. Sailing from Miami to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, and finally to our exclusive Beach Club at Bimini, A Virgin Celebration Voyage is full of events and activities designed to give you a rare glimpse into what makes the Virgin brand unique. And before you ask – yes, Richard Branson himself will be onboard, along with other special guests. They’ll be hosting programming that includes never-before-told stories that bring Sailors on a journey from Virgin’s rock n’ roll past and into its galactic future.

More details about special guests and programming are coming soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, to get excited for what’s to come, check out the video from last year’s Virgin Celebration Voyage. 

But why wait until 2024? Secure your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime sailing by booking here.

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