November is our first-ever Eat & Drink Month.

21 Oct 2022
Eat and Drink

Food connects people; it has since the beginning of time. And that connection is what truly blows our minds and inspires us to share with your Sailors the unique flavors and experiences of the 20+ restaurants on board our lady ships. But this November we’re going even further, with our first-ever Eat & Drink Month to bring iconic personalities to our ships and to The Beach Club at Bimini, and a free $300 Bar Tab to your Sailor’s cabins. 

A pop-up bar celebrating Filthy Food’s All Natural Bloody Mary mix. A steaming hot cupping class curated by Intelligentsia Coffee. Lotería games and a spirited scavenger hunt across the ship. That’s just the beginning! Here’s a small preview of what else your Sailors can expect.

Gunbae, our Korean BBQ experience, features energetic soju-drinking games and round tables with specially engineered flameless grills for hands-on meat grilling to encourage social engagement among friends and strangers alike. During Eat & Drink Month, Gunbae’s mouthwatering menu receives a new tasty addition: Chef Sohui Kim’s famous vegetable dumplings. 

For Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza, an immigrant baker’s daughter raised in California, elevating popular perceptions of Mexican-American culture is a personal responsibility. In this Eat & Drink Month, the mind behind Pink Agave’s spectacular menu highlights Mexico’s red-hot culture and scintillating food scene with her signature can’t-stop-eating-this guacamole to start an immersive odyssey through authentic local cuisine.

Food is art. The Test Kitchen’s chef-driven menu is a testament to that. Pushing boundaries of cooking techniques, presentation, ingredients, and flavors, our laboratory-like eatery was designed to offer a unique culinary experience that will educate, entertain, and play with all your Sailor’s senses. Featuring Chef Matt Lambert’s avant-garde creations, interactive culinary demonstrations, and more, your Sailors can unleash the adventurous foodies within.

And so much more, including:

  • Seven Sea Sippers: Your Sailors can gather their crew (or find a spirited one to join!) for a nauti pub crawl across the ship — and an opportunity to win a free voyage in 2023.
  • Rice, Rice Baby: Sea how we roll — an interactive demonstration of raw-fish delights, including cucumber-avocado sushi and tuna poke bowl.
  • Creative Collective — Brad Farmerie: Discover what happiness tastes like, starting with two multiple-course dining experiences designed by one of the best chefs in the biz.

And we’re raising the bar, with a free $300 Bar Tab automatically applied to your Sailor’s cabin so that they can uncork unique flavors hand-picked by the industry’s best and celebrate every moment.

Remember—it’s not only your Sailors who’ll be enjoying extras this November. On top of our compelling 16% commission on voyage fare (with no NCFs!) and 10% on pre-voyage bookables (like Shore Things, airfare, hotel, and more), a $100 bonus is all yours every time you make a booking for your Sailors in 2022 with our loyalty Match and Sea More offer, for any sailings in the future. 

Sell your Sailors on these once-in-a-seafaring-time sailings with exceptional (and exceptionally tasty) extras. We can’t wait to sea them soon!