Fair and flexible booking policies that focus on you and your Sailors

01 Nov 2021
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Extraordinary times call for an extraordinary response. As part of our mission to always be Brilliant To Do Business With, we have updated our booking policies to be even more fair and flexible for you and your Sailors.

For a limited time, bookings made on or before  December 15, 2021, for sailings through May 2, 2022, are able to take advantage of our flexible booking policy — which allows for cancellations up to 15 days before the voyage date to receive 100% Future Voyage Credit. And, as part of our promise to you, we will protect your commission on the original voyage fare.

What our flexible booking policy means for your Sailors

More flexibility. We want your Sailors to feel good about booking now for the future, while knowing that, if anything changes, we’re on their (and your) side. 

Confidence in value. We want your Sailors to know that they’ve made the best choice for their cruise by booking with us, and our flexible booking policy drives home our dedication to give you and your Sailors the calm and confidence you need to book now and travel when it feels right. 

What it means for you

Peace of payment. As a First Mate, you receive your commission when a booking is paid in full. We require this at 120 days from sailing, which ensures that you get paid earlier. Even if a Sailor takes advantage of the flexible booking policy and cancels, your commission on the original voyage fare is protected and you get paid. 

Ready reassurance. With some travel slowly starting to begin again, your Sailors are seeking assurance when it comes to making vacation plans. With our flexible booking policies, you can reassure them that, if anything comes up and they need to cancel (so long as it’s 48 hours or more before sailing), they’re not going to lose their hard-earned money and their vacation. 

Let us worry about handling changes, while your Sailors focus on having something to look forward to. 

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