Fly and Cruise is your Sailors’ ticket(s) to paradise

30 Sep 2021
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When your Sailors decide to Set Sail The Virgin Way, they’re on course to depart the everyday. But often they still face the stressful decision of what flights are best for them, and that’s where Fly and Cruise jets in to streamline the situation, with advantages for everyone:

What Fly and Cruise means for your Sailors: 

  • Excellent rates on airlines they know
  • Flexibility to personalize flight plans
  • Flight protection in the event of flight disruptions
  • The guarantee that they’ll get to our ship and home again.


What Fly and Cruise means for you:

  • 24/7 support
  • Access to excellent rates on major air carriers
  • 10% commission on booked airfare
  • The ability to reassure your Sailors that even when the best-laid travel plans go awry, we’ll make alternate arrangements as needed for them to always meet the ship.

Now that’s a bon voyage with benefits.

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