The Limitless Voyage: An epic, one-of-a-kind sailing, created with Jennifer Lopez herself.

09 Feb 2023

Where inspiration meets well-being, we're thrilled to share that we’ve been working with our Chief Entertainment & Lifestyle Officer, Jennifer Lopez, to curate a special, one-time voyage sailing out of Miami from April 14th to the 19th. While everyone is welcome, we're especially focusing on celebrating women who are making ship happen in business and the world at large.

When we originally started working with JLo, our goal was always to create more out of the relationship than a traditional Godmother role, so this voyage, decked out with exclusive and uniquely JLo-inspired programming, will encapsulate everything we’ve been working on behind the scenes together to bring this ethos to life. And the most exciting news of all? JLo herself will be there in person to say bon voyage — wishing your Sailors fair winds and following seas at our epic sail away party.

The voyage details

We know how overwhelming life can be for your Sailors — from juggling their work and family obligations to making time for themselves. So together, we've created a voyage with special programming that will allow your Sailors to celebrate and explore every side of themselves. From morning, Ted-talk-inspired seminars at sea and afternoons spent experiencing our new, zen-inducing wellness programming, to evenings with exclusive dinners followed by JLo-inspired entertainment, this voyage will be unlike anything seen on the high seas. And over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing more and more about the extra-special programming aboard our lady ship.

The itinerary

Sailing aboard Scarlet Lady from Miami to Puerto Plata and Bimini — with a day at sea in between the two, your Sailors will be gliding through the Caribbean Sea for five nights on our beloved Dominican Daze itinerary. Tucked between the Cordillera Mountains and Atlantic coast, Puerto Plata embodies geographical duality at its best. A day there can include relaxing on the snow white beaches of Playa Dorada, or hiking through the jungle to the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua and careening down via natural slides. And once your Sailors arrive at the see-through waters of Bimini, they’ll have access to our private slice of paradise in the Bahamas — The Beach Club at Bimini, before heading home to Miami the following morning.


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Matthias Vriens