Sunset at Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Valiant Lady’s UK debut

Valiant Lady is hitting the water with a splash in spring 2022, heading out from the UK on 3-night, 11-night and 12-night voyages — setting sail to some of the most gorgeous islands and cities in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and the Canary Islands.

Sea Blazers Logo

Calling all Sea-Blazers

We’re calling on the Sailors among us—the bold, the daring, the experts. Because while we’re revolutionizing how we explore the world, your expertise can take us to the next level. Oh, and you’ll be rewarded for it, too. But only if you sail in 2021.


UK Summer Soirée Series

It’s been a long year, and we’ve all been itching to get out of the house and out to sea. So this August, Scarlet Lady will sail on a homecoming tour off the English coast on three and four-night voyages; giving you the staycation-at-sea you deserve.

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We’re ready for you, Sailors.

It’s time to dive into the water, spend too much time in the sun, and live it up in all the vacation outfits you’ve had tucked away for far too long. So we’ve been making sure our ships, and all the places we go, are ready to safely sea you soon.