Well-being Season: January to March 2024.

We put the “you” in “new year, new you.” Start off strong, with health and wellness-focused activations on all of our January through March sailings.

Start 2024 with an even more serene vacation at sea.

You’ve been moving fast, slaying the holiday season, and generally being such a rock star that you’re starting to feel the need for a break. (Yes, even rock stars need a break. We asked them.) Enter Virgin Voyages’ Well-being Season. With energy-bursting events, zen-inducing activations, and world-class spa offerings that’ll boost your vacation glow, all of our sailings from January through March feature curated wellness-focused experiences to help you set the tone for the year. Take advantage of our most irresistibly inclusive offer of the year, and you’ll get 70% off your 2nd Sailor (and up to $600 in free drinks to toast to a brilliant 2024) — but only through January 31st.

Complimentary Wellness Socials

A social event that’s healthy in spirit, our Complimentary Wellness Socials feature health-conscious mocktails and innovative drinks loaded with pure botanicals. Unwind and connect with other Sailors as you sip the healthiest spirits available on board, or use this moment to balance out your experience after your day’s detox.

Spa-focused programming

Get the glow you deserve, with a dreamy event lineup designed to help you feel your best long after your voyage. Featuring personal training sessions, MediSpa explainers, and introductions to wellness concepts (whether it’s go-tos like acupuncture, or new technologies like watches that attune your body to its natural frequency), our onboard offerings will have you in zen mode in no time.

Wellness workshops & classes

Explore a mixture of events specially designed to help you understand the various aspects of a healthy lifestyle and how to integrate them into your own — from learning the basics of nutrition to mindfulness, posture, and more.

Healthy menus

Just like your well-being, healthy eating is all-encompassing. It involves your physical health, your mental health, and your emotional wellness. So for Well-being Season, we’re highlighting all the mouthwatering dishes on our eateries’ menus that are gluten-free and vegetarian — whether that’s your full-time lifestyle or you’re just trying a new diet regimen in the new year.

Personal wellness programs

Learn how to make healthy habits stick with engaging activities, personalized treatments, and rewarding wellness programs designed to match your lifestyle — whether you’re getting back into fitness, are already used to exercise, or just want to relax your body and clear your mind.

Join a group and find your groove

With multiple options and professional trainers guiding every group fitness class, you’ll surround yourself with like-minded Sailors, work towards achieving your wellness goals, and discover unique opportunities to relax, connect, and break a sweat.

Hop on any of these gorgeous routes and let your wellness journey begin.

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh start —

whether it means getting up for a slow-flow yoga class or hitting a pop-up coffee workshop.

A steaming-hot cupping class at Grounds Club

Spill the Beans with Intelligentsia Coffee

Experience the tasting process used by industry professionals, learn the nuances and intricacies of different hand-selected varieties from all around the world, and transform your daily caffeine ritual forever.

A mildly caffeinated educational experience

What’s The (Jojo) Tea?

In this 60-minute experience in the Test Kitchen, you’ll find out the origin of tea and its categories, learn how to analyze and taste its four main styles, and get an inside look into our partner-ship with JoJo Tea. You’ll never see a humble cuppa the same way again.

The Balancer's guide to your wellness voyage

Wellness Welcome

Join The Balancer, our resident wellness guru, as they guide you through your voyage's unique chances to cultivate your very best self. Whether you want to detox at the Redemption Spa, fuel up with healthy eats, or get that body moving, we've got what you need to replenish mind, body, and spirit.

The best fruit and veggie-forward libations

Move & Flow: Healthy Bevvies On The Go

Join a "Juice Walk" with the Balancer on a multi-stop workout across the ship  to promote healthy living. Recover with healthy beverages and mingle with fellow Sailors during activity breaks.

Savor unique No & Low drinks at The Athletic Club.

Complimentary Wellness Social

Not everyone's on a cruise to be healthy. But if wellness is one of your New Year's resolutions, let us help you get a head start with our low-calorie bar menu at the Athletic Club. Enjoy some of the healthiest drinks onboard and bond with other wellness-focused Sailors.

    It’s what you do, not where you do it…

    …but looking out at Caribbean blues and getting pampered with ocean views does hit different.

    Well-being Season at Virgin Voyages

    Spa & beauty

    Quartz-bed massages, IV treatments, and glowing spa packages — treat yourself to a day of getting pampered on board, and you’ll leave the ship looking even better than you’ll feel.

    Well-being Season at Virgin Voyages


    HIIT the gym, cycle and sweat, roll up in a crunch, or roll out and recover — whether you’re willing to strengthen your core or reconnect with your body, you’ll find plenty of ways to take care of yourself while on board.

    Well-being Season at Virgin Voyages


    Breath in… find your balance. Breathe out… unwind. Improve your flexibility and expand your mind with slow-flow yoga and oh-so-calming exercises, acupuncture workshops, brain games, and puzzle races.

    Well-being Season at Virgin Voyages


    With relaxing guided meditation sessions, invigorating vinyasa flows, and cleansing breathing classes, you’ll learn to let go of the past, focus on the here and the now, and create the perfect mindset to discover the best version of yourself.

    Well-being Season at Virgin Voyages


    Learn core basics, perfect your posture, or go with your gut — we’ve curated multiple wellness workshops so you can feel better than ever and stay forever (looking) young.

    Well-being Season at Virgin Voyages

    Be social

    Meet new people. Break a sweat. Find your groove. With can’t-miss social activities that are not only fun but actually good for your health, you’ll get to work on different muscle groups, elevate your mood, and even flex some *iconic* moves.

    Well-being Season at Virgin Voyages

    Eat & drink

    With steaming-hot classes, wellness-focused menus, and innovative drinks, we’ve put together sizzling gastronomic experiences to make your voyage even more irresistible and the ultimate foodie feast.

    Well-being Season at Virgin Voyages

    Retail therapy

    From up-cycled ocean-plastic sunglasses and athletic wear to low-calorie alcohol and wanderlust items like our iconic rucksacks, we’ve partnered with like-minded brands so you can treat yourself, make a positive impact on the planet, and always feel inspired to take care of your health.

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