woman with champagne and lounge chairs wistfully looking at ocean

The most lucrative
rewards program at sea.

We're getting ready to roll out the most rewarding love and loyalty program at sea (or land! or air!) in 2023 — Virgin Voyages Sailing Club. But you don't need to wait, because we're kicking things off right now; making sure you get rewarded for all you've done so far, and ensuring that the more you book and sail in 2022, the more epic rewards you'll get next year.

Two exclusive perks. Three ways to unlock unrivaled benefits.

Get sailing. Get booking. Get rewarded.

  • Perk 1: Sail in 2022 with Deep Blue Extras Our first perk is access to our Deep Blue Extras; a collection of unrivaled luxuries that elevate you to VIP treatment including (but not limited to) perks like an exclusive cocktail event, access to dedicated Sailor Services support onboard, and a bottle of Mo√ęt & Chandon on us.
  • Perk 2: Book in 2022 with Red Hot Booking Bonus Months Our second perk is the ability to book during our Red Hot Booking Bonus Months - which celebrates and recognizes you for booking a new paid sailing in 2022 by giving you exclusive onboard credit, token accelerators for every dollar you spend in the future that guarantees the very highest benefits in 2023, and a chance to win epic Virgin Group Travel Giveaways.
  • 3 ways to unlock these perks The best part is that you can access either, or both, of these perks in three different ways; as a Sea-Blazer (our pioneers who sailed with us in 2021), as a Sea-Rover (if you've sailed with us twice in 2022), and through our Match and Sea More Program — if you're already in a rewards program with another cruise line (or even select airlines), we're going to match select benefits and give you (much) more the minute you book a voyage.

We believe a truly good rewards club doesn't just give you credit for sailing, it celebrates you as much as you celebrate us. So delve deeper into this site for more details — because there's never been a better time in our brand's history (and there never will be a better time) to get booking, sailing, and rewarded for it.

woman with champagne and lounge chairs wistfully looking at ocean

Unlock your perks in three different ways.

Two perk programs. Three ways to unlock them. And you're automatically accelerated into our lucrative and exclusive 2023 club. Get sailing. Get Booking. And start getting rewarded now. But don't wait, because these perks are only available in 2022.

  1. Sea Blazers Pioneers who took to the high seas in 2021 are dubbed Sea-Blazers as they trail-blazed with us in our first year of operation. Access to Deep Blue Extras and Red Hot Booking Bonus Months come automatically for these Sailors, with additional perks including a $125 Bar Tab Bonus for life.
  2. Sea-Rovers We're coining anyone who has sailed with us twice in 2022 as a Sea-Rover, and on your third voyage, Deep Blue Extras will be added automatically, plus access to Red Hot Booking Bonus Months. On top of that, they'll get a $100 Bar Tab Bonus through 2024.
  3. Match and Sea More Program And finally with our Match and Sea More Program, we're inviting Sailors enrolled in other select rewards programs to come aboard our lady ships and we'll match (and give you more) than your current loyalty status. But no need to wait, you'll automatically become a Sea-Rover, get Deep Blue Extras on your very first voyage, and get access to Red Hot Booking Bonus Months. Just submit your proof here, book a voyage, and VIP status is automatically unlocked.
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Delve into our Deep Blue Extras.

Let's talk about all the incredible luxuries you'll have access to in the deep blue. But keep in mind, these are only available when you book and sail in 2022.

A VIP-style dedicated line at embarkation awaits you at the terminal.

Shake, and cheers, because a bottle of Moet & Chandon is on us.

If you can dream it, we can stream with access to our premium wifi.

For any and all of your needs, you'll have access to a dedicated agent.

A special cocktail experience for those with Deep Blue Extras.

Two pressed items, One dry-cleaned item, and a bag of laundry — on us.

Because you deserve to be glamorously caffeinated for everything you've got planned.

When the club is red hot

Red Hot Booking Bonus Months.

If you're a Sea-Blazer, Sea-Rover, or part of our Match and Sea More program, you're eligible to get out-of-this-world perks when you make a new paid booking (excluding Voyage Credit) during our Red Hot Booking Bonus Months — from August 30th through November 15th. From onboard spending credit to chances to win luxurious trips through Virgin Group Red Hot Extravaganza (an epic stay in Ulusuba? Yes, please), the perks are endless. Please note that voyages booked using access keys won't count for Red Hot Booking Bonus Months.

Start (red hot) booking now

Get (even more) rewards for booking during our Red Hot Booking Bonus Months.

Let's break down exactly what you get when you book during these sizzling hot rewards months.

$200 in onboard credit

For every sailing booked during a Red Hot Booking Month, you'll receive $200 in onboard credit for the voyage booked.

Accelerating you to exclusive tiers in 2023

The money you spend (and have spent) with us should matter, so we're giving out tokens for every dollar spent. These tokens fast-track you to the highest tiers possible in our loyalty program in 2023; unlocking even more phenomenal perks in the next year. So get booking, and start collecting — because you'll be locking in the opportunity to be in the most exclusive rewards tier in 2023.

Virgin Group Red Hot Extravaganza

By booking during these months, you'll be entered to win incredible Virgin Group perks (including an epic stay in Ulusaba), being part of the Virgin club has never been better.

Looking Forward

What's in store for you in 2023.

Booking and sailing now means big things for 2023.

When you spend money with us, we make sure it matters. So as a loyalty member, every dollar you spend from September through December 31st, 2022 on both voyage fares and while on board will be counted and tallied as tokens — which will be shared with you in 2023. As the program is unveiled in 2023, these tokens will fast-track you to the highest and most luxurious recognition possible, unlocking even more phenomenal perks in the new year.

For September-December 31st, 2022 sailings, everyone get x1 token, Sea-Rovers get x3 tokens, and Sea-Blazers get x4 tokens. For 2023 and 2024 sailings, everyone gets x1 tokens, Sea-Rovers get x2 tokens and sea-blazers get x3 tokens. Sea-Rovers and Sea-Blazers qualify for Virgin Red Hot Extravaganza. Total dollars spent on new paid reservations includes booking & onboard spend. Excludes Voyage Protection, Casino, taxes and fees

Are you already a Sea-Blazer or Sea-Rover Book? Book now and collect on all these exclusive perks, because they're only available in 2022. No need to contact us — you're already on the list! Your perks will automatically be applied to your future bookings, just give our team a week and we'll email when they're ready and in your account.

Want to take advantage of the Match and Sea More Program? Simply make a booking with your travel advisor or at www.virginvoyages.com and upload the information required to unlock your perks and apply them to your booking.

If you're not yet in one of these programs, no worries, because there's still so much time left in 2022 to become a Sea-Rover by sailing twice in 2022 — getting in on all the incredible action this year (and beyond). So book now and lock in Sea-Rover status including your $100 Bar Tab Bonus* for the next 2 years.

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