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Scarlet Night Awaits on Virgin Voyages

Cruise entertainment done differently on Virgin Voyages.

Did that night even just happen?

There you are. Positioned under the disco-ball, center on the dance floor. Not exactly sure who the people next to you are, but who cares, you’re on a ship, your friends couldn’t have gone far. Having tried to conceive or plan tonight would have been pointless. Like a dream you can’t really explain, but know you loved. And only remember in pieces, but will never forget how it made you feel.

Scarlet Night is that night. 

One of the culminating parties of the Virgin Voyages experience, Scarlet Night is a full ship activation that is amorphous at its core, meant to be unique for each Sailor. “We definitely wanted to introduce spaces Sailors may have seen already, but in different ways,” said Pepper Lohr, Senior Manager of Shows and Parties for Virgin Voyages. “To bring places to life in unexpected ways.”  

Scarlet Night is the result of a creative collaboration between Virgin Voyages’ in house entertainment team and award-winning producer behind Sleep No More, Queen of the Night, and The Donkey Show, Randy Weiner, who conceived, designed and produced this, multi location based event. Brooklyn’s exceptional nightlife producers, “House of Yes” carry the energy on later into the night, with their creative experience concepts at Scarlet Lady’s onboard nightclub, The Manor. 

“It’s definitely not going to be subtle,” added Lohr, in describing the myriad of ways this multi-tiered party begins to take shape throughout the ship. “We’ve designed an experience where Sailors can navigate their own path and the most adventurous will have every opportunity to Stray the Course.”

Tow man wearing red smokings toasting with martini glasses

What begins with mellow drinks at The Dock for some might result in a sunset soiree, pool floatie parade so dense, a Sailor has no choice but to dance their way through. All while the DJ mixes an open format blend of recognizable crowd pleasers, yet never before heard quite this way. As the night ramps up, a crescendo emerges on the pool deck before things disperse into a select number of venues, with options for any Sailor.

However the night starts, for many, the evening migrates to The Manor where a full on house music, four to the floor vibe might take over. An array of indescribable events ensue like a casual dance battle to the left or an isolated performance piece to the right with maybe an art installation in the middle.

It’s as if Panorama Bar and Moma PS1 were all rolled into one with drops of Met Gala and elements of Burning Man swirled in for effect. It’s indoor, outdoor, luxe, grit, passive and active, all at once. Sound a bit abstract? Well it is. And the epic just keeps coming, until you forget where the time has gone.

Young people partying

You look up and find yourself in a much smaller crowd. Legs tired from dancing. But rest assured our Scarlet Lady has more in store. Secret, serendipitous and surprising moments await those who party until the sun comes up. We’re not saying exactly what will happen, but hey, anything might.

The night itself is the only navigational guide for those willing to commit. Each moment, a pioneering new beginning. Inhibitions, set free. A place where rebels, rogues and eccentrics are not only welcome, but celebrated. Where the like-minded exchange knowing glances as the night unravels in creatively crafted chaos around them. 

“If Sailors only go to the club one night, this is the night,” says Lohr. “It’s definitely not something to be missed, but it will be different with every voyage.”

An evening for those who have chosen to Stray The Course. Most will find that the longer the night gets, the better it becomes, as new chapters and layers present themselves, piece by piece. This is the night everyone's been waiting for, yet didn’t know they wanted and will never be able to repeat, as hard as they may try.

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