Deals Mar 01, 2024

Join our March to the Med.

60% off for your 2nd Sailor + $400 in free drinks!

Our Most Inclusive Offer

Remember last summer when you watched as everyone on social media seemed to be vacationing in Europe, and you wondered, "How do they do it?".

Introducing March to the Med — your ticket to becoming the one with the epic stories. With 60% off your 2nd Sailor + up to US$400 in free drinks, you don't need to wait to start living the posts you'd love to share.

From the sun-kissed Greek islands to the vibrant streets of Spain, it's your turn to embark on a journey into the heart of the Med. Dive into a world where ancient history blends with modern luxury, ensuring every day is an adventure waiting to be shared.

Just book by March 27th and turn your grid dreams into reality.

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