Jun 10, 2018

Bringing Luxury Design to Virgin Voyages

A Creative Collective

Scarlet Lady rendering by Virgin Voyages
Render of the Virgin Voyages ship

In yet another step towards truly changing sea vacations, Virgin Voyages has curated a creative collective featuring some of the world’s leading design firms to completely reimagine how sea travel looks and feels.

From Roman and Williams to Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio and Concrete Amsterdam, these interior design architects are responsible for some of the most talked about travel spaces in the world. With this dream team’s vision, sailors aboard Scarlet Lady will be enchanted by a series of sleek yacht-like spaces, classic nautical accents, inventive surprises and nods to Virgin’s British heritage.

“We chose these three design firms because of work they had done that we loved,” said Dee Cooper, Senior Vice President of Design for Virgin Voyages. “They are all great at clever design and creating spaces we knew would resonate with sailors.”

The decision to use multiple architects was meant to highlight the brand vision of The Modern Romance of Sailing by tapping the strengths of each firm and demonstrating diversity throughout the ship.

Besides Concrete Amsterdam, Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio and Roman and Williams, some of the other design partners to contribute to the ship’s aesthetics included Softroom in London, Work Architecture Company in New York and Pearson Lloyd Design in London among others.

“...sailors will be enchanted by a series of sleek yatch-like spaces...”
Render of the elevated Mexican restaurant designed by Tom Dixon

“I like the idea that they’ve commissioned a series of different designers with strong opinions to do different areas,” said Tom Dixon one of the key designers involved, “and I’m sure each design firm is fighting to be recognizable and to have their identity on it, which is very different from how most cruise liners are conceived.”

For a voyage that truly enchants and surprises, many obstacles were overcome to design spaces that are both visually breathtaking and fit for life at sea. Each area was specifically designed with consideration for the social and creative experiences meant to take place within.

The results provide transformational experiences sailors will not only love but appreciate as they discover the common-sense details that lie within the immaculate aesthetics. Inviting yet evocative, optimistic and fun, this environment is meant to make sailors feel something special; as if they’re about to embark on the most memorable voyage of their lives, while experiencing a persistent feeling that they are exactly where they are meant to be.

“...transformational experiences sailors will not only love, but appreciate.”
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