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Scarlet Lady cruise ship at sunset

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Where superyacht design and your dream destinations meet. Welcome to how Virgin does cruise ships.

With Richard Branson at the helm, Virgin Voyages is redefining what a luxury cruise ship means by combining premium elements from favorites on land with the freedom and simplicity of a life well lived on the open ocean. 
  • Scarlet Lady

    With a name inspired by an early Virgin Atlantic plane, Scarlet Lady is Virgin Voyages’ premium take on what a luxury cruise ship means. Ushering in a new era for sea travel, she’s designed to be different with a unique approach to how Caribbean cruises look and feel.

  • Valiant Lady

    With a name derived from the Latin, valēre meaning strong, our second lady ship is calling Barcelona home before setting sail on our first Virgin Voyages Mediterranean cruise, with three irresistible itineraries across Europe.

  • On the Bridge

    Our captains are committed to the safety of our Sailors, Crew, vessels and our environment. Led by Captain Marco Carsjens, our captains will lead a seasoned and talented bunch, guiding our cruise ships around the world.

  • Ciao, Bella

    Italy does everything better, right? Food, wine, even ships. So we’ve partnered with ship-building powerhouse Fincantieri in Italy, where, over a bottle of fine Italian wine,* they are bringing our unique ship vision to life. (*No wine was harmed or consumed in the making of this cruise ship.)

  • Creative Collective

    Our ship spaces were created by an ensemble of top land-based creative minds in design. These globally renowned designers, including Roman and Williams, Tom Dixon and Concrete Amsterdam, are among our Creative Collective. Together they bring unmatched expertise to craft the look of our unique ships.

  • 21st Century Sailing

    Swipe it. Dim it. Order it. We’re not saying stay in bed all day, but with a tablet in every room and our Sailor app on hand, it’s very tempting. Transform the vibe with mood-matching lights, watch your favorite movie on repeat and make reservations - all while being completely horizontal.

  • Change We Can Sea

    Minimizing impacts, restoring ocean health and building positive relationships in our communities are all part of our brand DNA. Sustainable tech, banning single-use plastics and thoughtfully sourcing food are just some ways Virgin Voyages plans to care for, while still enjoying, the planet.

    Scarlet Lady’s all decked out

    Explore some of Scarlet Lady’s ups, downs, ins and outs. While she may be similar to our other cruise ships, you may find small nuances with her build-out and her Caribbean-based story.

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    Scarlet Lady

    Virgin Voyages Sailor-nomics 101

    We obviously sail our cruise ships with sass, but bet you didn’t know each ship’s got these sassy stats, too!

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