With Richard at the helm, we're building ships that bring together everything you love from your favorite places on land, with the butterfly-inducing excitement of the open ocean.

Ciao, Bella

Italy does everything better, right? The food, the wine, the art, and most notably for us — building the very best ships in the game. So naturally, we've partnered with ship-building powerhouse Fincantieri to bring the unique vision of our Creative Collective to life. In their dockyard in Genoa over a bottle of Montepulciano wine*, they conceived the kind of ship that encompasses la dolce vita. (*No wine was harmed or consumed in the making of this ship.)

    Creative Collective

    Some of the most stylish restaurants, bars and hotels — like The Mondrian, The Ace Hotel, and La Tounde, from the world's most renowned designers, like Concrete Amsterdam, Roman and Williams, and Tom Dixon — have inspired some of the most iconic musical acts to croon about memories made in these places. And in trying to design spaces worthy of inspiring future hits, we got the band (and, um, the designers) back together again.

    • Roman and Williams
    • Concrete Amsterdam
    • Tom Dixon

      21st Century Sailing

      Swipe it. Dim it. Play it. Tap it. Order. Love it. We don't want to encourage you to stay in bed all day, but with our killer app and tablet in every room, we made it very tempting. And if the trip starts while you're mid-binge, worry not — we literally have a satellite (yes, a satellite) that can beam you all the goodness. So dim the lights, order in, make a reservation all while being completely horizontal.

        Green on Blue

        Our greatest aim is for sailors to have the best time on board while indulging… minus all the guilt.  So to do that, we’ve embedded sustainability deeply into both our operations and the sailor experience itself. Through pioneering innovative and sustainable technologies, banning unnecessary single-use plastics, and thoughtfully sourcing food and retail merchandise — we’re creating a sailor experience that balances the duality of enjoying the earth and caring for it.

          Our first lady ship

          Scarlet Lady

          She is named, in part, as an ode to our Virgin heritage (Scarlet was the name for one of our earliest Virgin Atlantic planes), but more importantly, to call attention to our pledge to a future of fostering gender equality across all Virgin Voyages crew. From ship to land, our new Scarlet Squad program will help promote female empowerment across the entire company. Ships, like everywhere on the planet, are made better when all of us are involved. Scarlet is still being built, so check back here for continued updates.

          • Steel cutting

            March 2017
            Ship steel cutting
            Ship steel cutting
            Ship steel cutting
            Ship steel cutting
            Ship steel cutting
          • Keel laying

            October 2017
            Ship keellaying coin
            Ship keellaying coin
            Richard Branson
          • The Hook-up

            July 2018
            Ship hook up
            Ship hook up
          • Float out

          • Sea trials

          • Set Sail

          Virgin ship

          Scarlet's all decked out for your arrival.

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