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You’re looking at Cruise Critic’s Best New Cruise Ship of 2021…

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded Cruise Critic’s Editors’ Pick for Best New Cruise Ship in 2021!

Scarlet Lady Aerial View

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded Cruise Critic’s Editors’ Pick for Best New Cruise Ship in 2021! As the world’s leading cruise reviews site and online cruise community, it’s truly an honor for us — especially in our very first year at sea as a brand — to be recognized by Cruise Critic’s international team of editors in the 13th annual awards. 

“Our winners this year represent innovation and evolution in the cruise industry,” Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief Colleen McDaniel said. “In a field that was surprisingly crowded, with a number of great new ships debuting this year, Scarlet Lady stood out for bringing new concepts to sea designed to give guests witty and smart features and options. We loved Scarlet Lady’s design-forward take on bringing even more fun to cruising.”

While we’ve known and loved Scarlet Lady far before the world was introduced to her, it’s been unbelievably exciting to have the greater public and experts in the industry experience her, understand her, and revel in all her unique glory. As a brand new company, and after a tough 18 months that had everyone in the industry questioning what’s next, it’s not lost on us how special this award is. We got into sea travel with the intention of revolutionizing it — but we never expected that the need for that transformative experience would come at such a pivotal time, and we’re grateful that both Cruise Critic and our Sailors have felt that.

In fact, Cruise Critic noted, “We also felt that by pushing through boundaries and past naysayers, Scarlet Lady had the potential to transform not just a cruise line but also provide excitement for the industry overall. After a year of setbacks, Scarlet Lady showed us that cruising continues to be a form of travel that's ever-evolving, with plenty of surprises along the way.”

We’re humbled by the award, and we’re deeply proud of our Crew, on board and shoreside, for building a ship and creating an experience that has caught the attention of critics and continues to captivate the hearts of the Sailors who come aboard her. A ship is only as good as its Sailors, and sure, we might be biased, but we happen to believe we have the very best ones joining us on board.

Thank you for all the love. We can’t wait to show Scarlet Lady to those who haven’t had the chance to experience her yet, and we look forward to seeing the familiar, sea-blazing faces back on board with us again soon.

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