Travel-Plans May 20, 2022

Virgin Voyages says no kids on the ocean. And the kids aren’t pleased.

Richard Branson launched Virgin Voyages to create an adults only cruise experience at sea — a place where adults, including moms and dads, could set out on the open ocean unanchored from all the responsibilities back at home. You know, like waking up at 5 am because both of your children had something extremely important to tell you (the twist? It wasn’t important).

What no one, including Richard, could see coming? The backlash from the kids. The sugar-induced uproar of the children who can’t come on board. And even the petitions (which Richard can tell you all about in his blog). 

Have a look below and see exactly how the kids feel about us being exclusively adult.


Looking for the ultimate adults only vacation, without kids—your own or anyone else's? Book your next cruise vacation on Virgin Voyages. 

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