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Come aboard our adults-only cruises for a kids-free getaway at sea.

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Enjoy Adult Only Cruises with Always Included Luxury

Children are one of life’s great joys, but on Virgin Voyages, we believe absence makes the heart grow fonder, especially while on a cruise vacation. That’s why, despite the fact that our adult only cruise ships are a playground for your inner child, we’ve chosen to curate an adults-only cruise experience.

Why We're the Best Cruise Line for Adults

Whether you choose to jumpstart the morning with a wheatgrass shot from Gym & Tonic or a Filthy Mary from The Red Bar, you can trust that any path you take will remain unobstructed by little feet. We’re proud of our design-forward eateries and bars and we created them specifically for adults, either for mingling with like-minded adventurers or for cozying up and reconnecting with the person you came aboard with. On top of the spaces themselves being kid-free havens, the menu items served within may also be a little advanced for the average tyke. Between hibachi crudo and filets at The Wake, carpaccio and truffle pasta at Extra Virgin, and mezcal pairings at Pink Agave, we keep our food and drink offerings mature and unexpected. And the best part? Dining is included in your voyage fare.

Fun Cruises for All Adult Lifestyles

The adults only lifestyle continues whenever we dock, with pages of Shore Things excursions tailored to sophisticated tastes in sight-seeing and cuisine in every port, whether you're a first time cruises, traveling solo, or bringing the love on a couples cruise. While we know every child has a spark of genius, we don’t know many who’d be riveted by (or at least not get restless on) a medieval heritage tour through the white-stoned streets of Dubrovnik. From artisan honey-making in Ajaccio to sampling craft brews in Zeebrugge, every Virgin destination from A to Z boasts activities best enjoyed by those 18 and up.

Luxuries and Pleasures, All Designed for Adults

Once you’re back on the ship after a day of exploration, award-winning entertainment options will reinforce the wisdom of leaving the kids at home. We’re more “Romeo and Juliet reimagined in a circus” than themed character dinners, if you will; more immersive cabaret than 7 pm movie and jammies. But let’s be clear, being an adult means you vacation however you want, whenever you want. So if being in bed by 7 pm is your idea of the perfect evening, we encourage that.

And with free, reliable Wi-Fi available everywhere on our cruise ships, you’re just a video call away from any little ones you may have left on land, whether for a good night story, or a good night kiss. 

All Adult Cruise Experience

There you have it: our case for remaining an adult-only cruise experience. Aboard a Virgin Voyage, you can stretch out Lagoon-side with a drink in one hand and a book in the other (how many pages you’ve read is none of our business) without fear of a rogue cannonball spoiling the relaxation.

2024 & 2025 Adult Cruise Vacations

Be sure to checkout our 2024 adult cruises, and 2025 cruises for adults, the possibilities are endless with over 100 dreamy destinations to select from. We also have 2024 cruise deals, some with drink packages to enhance your vacation fun!

Ready to plan your dream adults-only vacation? Make it reality.

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