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A very Virgin take on cruise karaoke.

It’s time to show the world (or at least your private group) your karaoking talent.

Cruise Karaoke Our Way

There are two types of people: those who karaoke every chance they get, and those who haven’t discovered how much they love karaoke yet. If you’re in the former group, who may own a home karaoke machine, chances are you also look for karaoke opportunities every time you go out. Maybe you need a couple drinks first before relentlessly seeking out a karaoke bar, or maybe you’re in mid-season karaoke from the moment you step out your front door. Either way, it doesn’t take much convincing for you to grab the karaoke mic and belt out some classics, no matter how many words you forget. If you’re a reluctant karaoke’er, have never tried it before, or swore you’d never be caught dead exposing your poor vocal cords to the world, we’ll bet we can change your mind. Our cruise karaoke lounge, The Groupie, is designed for everyone: from Grammy-winning shower singers to those who only belt it out in the confines of their car. 

A private cruise karaoke lounge

What freaks people out the most about doing karaoke? Usually, doing it in public. And yeah, we get that. In a crowded room. In front of hundreds of strangers. So we’re removing the pressure from the traditional karaoke experience, and giving Sailors their own bookable private karaoke rooms. That way, you can sing your heart out without getting too self-conscious. 

Designed by Roman Coppola, The Groupie karaoke lounge was actually designed as a modernist take on Japanese-style karaoke rooms. These small, private rooms are equipped with a karaoke player and microphones, so you can have an exclusive cruise karaoke party with the people you’re most comfortable with. Book a large group to make it a real party, or just a friend or two for a more intimate karaoking experience (maybe a duet with your special someone?). And if you really don’t want anyone to hear you butcher “My Heart Will Go On,” you can also choose to karaoke solo. 

The Groupie is not only the perfect venue to gather with your friends, family, and significant others for some karaoking, but also a great place to meet up with new friends. Maybe you’ve met some cool people at Gunbae, our socially-focused Korean BBQ eatery with communal seating, or at the Grog Walk bar crawl, and you’re looking for a fun icebreaker activity. Well, nothing breaks the ice quite like the collective realization that no one in the room can carry a tune like they thought they could.

Explore Virgin’s musical past

And if you’re looking for a place to start, why not try out some of Virgin Records’ classic hits? Whether it’s “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” or Lakeside’s “Fantastic Voyage,” there’s no better way to spend a rainy sea day or late night than by diving into Virgin’s karaoke classics. 

Whether your vocal cords are all worn out, or you’re just more of a listener than a singer, we’ve got the perfect post-karaoke experience for you: Voyage Vinyl. Alongside our private performance rooms in The Groupie, you’ll find this record shop where Sailors can experience music from all eras and genres. The shop features personal listening stations, and limited-edition vinyl collections with playlists by Virgin Voyages’ resident DJs, and a performance spot for live sets. 

Sailors looking for a quintessentially Virgin souvenir can take home limited-edition curated albums and special editions of classics, as well as purchase music magazines, headphones, and record players. Voyage Vinyl also doubles as a performance venue for up-and-coming live acts.

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