News Mar 11, 2024

Eat & Drink Festival 2024: Taste the unforgettable.

Get ready for a flavor fiesta — our Eat & Drink Festival is coming back bigger and better than ever.

Eat and Drink at Virgin Voyages

Dive into our Eat & Drink Festival this July — where award-winning dining meets innovative beverage wizardry, all aboard our lady ships. This isn’t your typical food fest, though; it's a vibrant homage to diverse tastes and the incredible culinary craftsmanship behind them. And this year, it’s bigger than ever as we’re dialing up the deliciousness with brand-new events like the first-ever Virgin Voyages Asian Night Market (yes, it’s as cool as it sounds) and bringing back beloved experiences like the Sailor-favorite Seven Seas Sippers — the thrilling cocktail treasure hunt across seven bars on board.

New Delights for Cruise Ship Food

From intimate culinary demonstrations to spirited dinner series and hush-hush speakeasies across our lady ships, every corner promises a new delight. And we're just getting started. Join us for what’s shaping up to be the tastiest Eat & Drink Festival yet. It’s a summer soirée of epic proportions, weaving tales of taste and friendship that linger well beyond our return to shore.

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