Jun 08, 2021

Celebrating World Ocean Day with us

Coral Reefs

As we celebrate World Ocean Day, we want to take some time to share our commitment to the place we’re so lucky to call home. We’re continually mindful that the ocean is our host, so our brand initiative has always been to create an Epic Sea Change For All — ensuring the ocean is protected for generations to come. 

The United Nations has called 2020-2030, “the decade of action”; a crucial time for accelerating sustainable solutions to global challenges — including climate action, protecting the ocean, and choosing avenues of responsible consumption and production. We’re proud that our mission includes taking action both individually and collectively, and our goal is to set a new standard for ocean travel in general. It’s important to us that our Sailors know that we’re committed to minimizing the impacts of our operations, while doing our part to restore ocean health. Some of those commitments include:

  • Taking action on climate change. We’re the first cruise line to become carbon neutral for our direct emissions footprint from the very first day of operation. In addition to using state-of-the-art technologies to optimize fuel and energy performances, we’re offsetting our carbon dioxide emissions with high-quality carbon offsets. Fuel is the biggest impact we have on the environment, and we know we have a long way to go to advance emission-free fuels that can be used on board. As we continue to work with our industry and alternative fuel providers, we’re taking immediate action to balance our impact.
  • Reducing waste. We’re minimizing our waste footprint by banning single-use plastics. That’s right — we’re reducing waste by not generating it in the first place. Sure, we’re banning straws, but also plastic water bottles, coffee cups, ketchup packets, cutlery, coffee stirrers — if it’s plastic and single use, we’re not about it. And when we can’t eliminate it, we’re going reusable. And last but not least; our onboard recycling program diverts as much waste as possible from the landfill.
  • Sustainable sourcing. We’ve reimagined dining — by eliminating wasteful buffets, responsibly sourcing sustainable fish and seafood, and buying direct-trade coffee and tea.
  • Reef care. We’re committed to reef-safe sunscreen, which won’t harm marine life or the fragile ecosystems of the ocean’s reefs. We’re partnering with Stream2Sea, an eco-conscious skincare company made of not only cosmetic chemists, but environmentalists driven to use ingredients safer for our oceans — and ultimately, ourselves.
  • Supporting ocean conservation. The only tip we’ll ever ask for on board is a tip for our ocean, where 100% of the funds collected go to our non-profit partners working to advance ocean conservation. 

As Richard Branson put it, “There is nothing more important in the world than our oceans, and we’re on a mission to protect them and set an example.”

For World Ocean Day, we hope you’re inspired to continue to make a difference — whether it’s recycling more, reducing consumption of single-use plastics, or giving back to ocean conservation organizations around the world. 


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