Jan 12, 2021

How we’re running Circles around group bookings

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At Virgin Voyages, part of our commitment to making an Epic Sea Change For All means shaking up what’s standard, and that goes for group bookings. We know that our Sailors want to explore the world with like-minded people, especially those they know and love. Whether they voyage as friends, families, co-workers, or just those who share a common passion, we’re all about bringing them together...as Circles.

Just as a circle is an everlasting symbol of connection, Circles represent building new and strengthening existing relationships, celebrating our interconnections, and coming together to share an extraordinary experience.

Based on research and your feedback, we're relaunching Circles. Let’s break down the details:

A Circle is a group with a minimum of 10 cabins on the same sailing, with a maximum of 150 Sailors. Existing bookings on the same sailing can join a Circle or start a new one at any time, up to 14 days before the Voyage. Once names and deposits are made on at least 10 cabins, more cabins can be added, but the cut-off remains 14 days prior to sailing.

As far as payment, a Circle can now hold a minimum of 10 cabins for 30 days before providing deposits and Sailor names, so long as it’s outside of the final payment date, which comes 120 days prior to the Voyage. Inside of those 120 days, Circles can continue to form, but Sailor names and full payment are due at the time of a cabin booking. 

Normal payment terms and our current flexible booking policy do apply for Circles.

If booked by February 9, 2021, during the Wave Season 2021 offer period, Circles will get the higher Wave 2021 Sailor Loot amount (of up to $400) in lieu of the Circles Sailor Loot benefit. If the Circle drops below 10 cabins, Circles benefits for First Mates are no longer valid, but the Sailor will keep the 2021 Wave Sailor Loot offer. 

What’s in a Circle for Sailors

On top of what’s already included On Us — all food at 20+ eateries, crew gratuities, WiFi, basic bevvies, group fitness classes — Sailors in Circles benefit from additional perks, including onboard credit (what we affectionately call “Sailor Loot”) for them to spend on extras like Shore Things, drinks, spa treatments, personal training, and onboard retail.

Sailor Loot amounts are based on paid cabin category:
    •    $50 per cabin - Insider/Sea View cabins

    •    $100 per cabin - Sea Terrace cabins

    •    $200 per cabin - All RockStar Quarters

What’s in a Circle for you

So, what’s at the center of a Circle? You. 

As a First Mate organizing a Circle, you’re a Circle Leader with rewards for your hard work and  the flexibility to pick what works best for you. 

Choose to join your Circle on their voyage and, for every 10 fully paid cabins, voyage fare on the 11th is free. The only limit to this is our ship, so if your Circle fully pays for 20 cabins, that’s voyage fare on two extra for free. 50 cabins = 5 extra. 55 cabins? Still just 5 extra, as the free cabins are granted at thresholds of ten. Going big with 75 cabins? That’s 7 extra with voyage fare for free, for you or anyone you want to give the trip of a lifetime.

OR, choose to reap an extra 2% bonus commission on top of the 16% commission for paid cabins, making your commission a total of 18% on voyage fare. And that goes for the entire group of cabins; there is no cap on this bonus commission. Beyond the voyage fare, you’re still eligible to earn 10% on all pre-voyage sales, like Shore Things and Bar Tab. 

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How to set up a Circle:

For you and your Sailors, Circles are a win-win and — score! — easy to set up. Start by booking cabins like normal, and then contact Sailor Services to connect them in a Circle and choose your reward. Learn more about Circles and our Circles offer on Firstmates.com.

Dedication to the Sailor experience is core to our business and to our promise to always be Brilliant To Do Business With. We deliver on this extraordinarily, to keep your clients coming back to you with rave reviews (and more Circle bookings!), time and again.

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