Resilient Lady Revised Launch Schedule

08 Jun 2022

We’re committed to delivering exceptional experiences, but given the global challenges still impacting the travel industry, we’ve made the decision to delay our Resilient Lady launch season. This delay impacts sailings between August 14th, 2022 and May 3rd, 2023. We understand how disappointing this is to you and your Sailors, so we have flexible and generous offers, reimbursements, and rebooking options to make this as seamless as possible. 

The good news is that we have alternative voyages for your Sailors on board either Scarlet Lady or Valiant Lady.

Here’s our guide to supporting your sailor

  1. Check out the alternative voyages here. The majority of the dates have an alternative voyage departure
  2. Ensure your Sailor knows about our generous and flexible compensation offers 
  3. Visit our dedicated site to choose your Sailor’s rebooking or refund selection

Protecting your commission

As always, we are continually grateful for your partnership and want to ensure that your commission is protected on voyage fares paid. To be specific:

  • If your commission was already paid, there is no further action
  • If your commission is not yet paid, it will be paid according to the original schedule

Future Voyage Credit details

Existing FVCs

  • If your Sailor used FVCs from previously canceled voyages, these amounts will be refunded to their FVC/account
  • If your Sailor used FVCs from a voyage they canceled, this amount will be doubled in their account

New FVCs that we will issue

  • We will  issue FVCs for double the amount of money (real currency) paid toward the voyage fare
  • The FVC will be split into two types of equal amount; a commissionable portion (aka a payment FVC) and a non-commissionable portion that will act as a discount on their future voyage


  • Promotions that live on your Sailor’s current voyage will be transferred to your Sailor’s chosen replacement voyage
  • These promotions may be combinable with any current promotions we have in the market at the time of your Sailor’s next booking

Tour Operators

  • Your Sales Manager will be in contact to detail the next steps and options available to you and your Sailors. Any Sailor booked via a Tour Operator will be directed back to their Tour Operator to rebook or request a refund

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