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Influencer Engagement General Terms & Conditions

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Version: November 9, 2021

Expand the sections below to review our terms and conditions in detail.

These Influencer Engagement General Terms and Conditions ("IEG Terms and Conditions"), in conjunction with  the respective influencer Confirmation Agreement ("Influencer Confirmation Agreement"), shall be collectively  referred to as the "Influencer Agreement," and along with the policies provided at  https://www.virginvoyages.com/addl-terms-and-conditions, contain the entire agreement between the parties and  supersede all prior agreements, arrangements and understandings in respect of the same subject. In the event of a  conflict between the Influencer Confirmation Agreement and these IEG Terms and Conditions, the Influencer  Confirmation Agreement shall take precedent. The Agreement shall be deemed firm and binding upon both Parties’  signature on a Confirmation Agreement.



The United States Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) requires disclosure of any material connection between an advertiser and  Creator/Influencer of a product/service that might materially affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement, unless the  relationship between the two is apparent from the context of the communication. Disclosures must be “clear and conspicuous” to  ensure that an endorsement is not unfair or deceptive to consumers. The United Kingdom Competition and Markets Authority  similarly requires disclosure if influencers have been paid, incentivized or in any way rewarded to endorse or review something in  their posts. This includes when a product or service, like a cabin on a voyage, has been given for free.  

● Compensation means compensation of any kind, including, money, free goods/services and points for prizes.

● Endorsement means any advertising message that consumers are likely to believe reflects the opinions, beliefs, findings  or experiences of a party other than the sponsoring advertiser. 

General Rule: would a reasonable consumer expect that there is a connection between the Influencer/Creator and the advertised  product or service? If not, add additional disclosure. 

● TikToks, Tweets, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram posts and other social media posts need disclosures.

● Disclosures should be placed as close as possible to the triggering claim and incorporated into the endorsement/ad  when possible. 

● In-post TikToks, Tweets/Facebook posts/Instagram posts or any other social media platform posts, should include  messaging of #VirginVoyages. 

● For YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos, the disclosure must be in the video itself, vocally said by the  Creator/Influencer preferably, or written in the video itself in a clear and upfront way at the beginning of the video,  disclosing that it is a sponsored video (“I teamed up with” or “the video is sponsored by” is acceptable). It’s OK for the  Creator/Influencer to say, “Thank you to Virgin Voyages for sponsoring this video.” 

Additionally, the endorsement should be mentioned at the end of the text description for the video.

● Note disclosure in the textual description alone of the video is not sufficient. 

● There should not be false or misleading statements from an Influencer. 

● All Influencer Content should be original and/or should not infringe or misappropriate any intellectual property of any  third party. 

All Creator/Influencer Content for each Campaign must follow the Influencer Social Media Brand Guidelines to receive payment  for the Campaign, to include: 


  • Attempt to incentivize users with any  reward or external motivation other than the functionalities of the Campaign app 
  • Make false claims 
  • Use pornographic, violent or demeaning  content 

● DO 

  • Abide by the relevant social media Community Guidelines/Rules 
  • Be truthful and honest 
  • Be useful, relevant, and interesting 
  • Be your own work 
  • Be easy to understand 
  • Be something others will want to share ○ Be appropriate for a large audience 
  • Be timely 
  • Be authentically you 
  • Be respectful of others 
  • Be playful 
  • Portray the products/services in a positive  light 


  • Misrepresent the qualities or features of the  products/services 
  • Disparage or attack other companies,  brands, products, or games 
  • Contain profanity, nudity, or offensive  content 
  • Promote illegal or unsafe activities, like  drugs, tobacco, guns, or illegal gambling, and/or any other content prohibited by our  conditions outlined above 
  • Misrepresent the qualities or features of the  products or services you are promoting 
  • Disparage or attack other companies,  brands, products, or games 


  • Maybe say nothing. If your gut tells you  something’s not right, then it probably isn’t.  Reach out to your Influencer Marketing Team representative as needed for guidance. 

We review Creator/Influencer Content  from time to time and may need to remind  you about these guidelines and/or ask you  not to participate in future activities if we see any issues with compliance with these  guidelines. We definitely hope that won’t be  the case!

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