With three ships sailing, we have so much on deck for our entertainment lineup this year.

What’s next in entertainment

In 2022, we took a (very grateful) bow after winning awards like Cruise Critic’s Best Nightlife and Travel & Leisure’s World’s Best — but we’re not stopping there, because we want to make sure every time you come on board, you discover something even more epic.

Like the major entertainment district in your favorite city, in 2023, some of our shows, like Never Sleep Alone, have wrapped their first season (but don't worry, with rotating lineups, second seasons are always on the horizon), while others, like Duel Reality, are getting extended runs by popular demand. Awe-inspiring new shows from our world class Creative Collective (like Persephone, Another Rose, and Lola’s Library) are about to start their electric first runs, and we’ll even be evolving how our spaces work (and look!) to bring to life our new, innovative ideas like the Supper Club Series. So let’s pull back the velvet curtain and take a look at exactly what you can expect across the fleet.

Turning it up in 2023

Our aim has always been to give you an incredible variety of options aboard all our lady ships — meaning no matter where you’re sailing, there’s something new to see and experience. Whatever your vacation speed (early risers or night owls), there's always something to match your vibe.

Introducing our Supper Club Series

The romance and the panache are back, because The Manor is no longer just the best night club at sea — we’re bringing back the style and sophistication of classic supper clubs with new and exhilarating shows paired with an unmatched dining experience. It’s where cabaret meets theatrical. Where glam meets gastronomy. And it kicks off with Another Rose on Resilient Lady (with many more shows to follow).

A Festival Stage like no other

With everything from laugh-till-you-cry comedy performances to unbelievable magic tricks, captivating tales to improvised live performances, our Festival Stage will feature new talent and performers every few weeks. Starting in February with hand-picked originals led by an eclectic cast already known for their unlimited talent (and wildly comical past), keep an eye on our app and social platforms for updates on exactly who you’ll be seeing.

Live music everywhere

Music is part of our DNA. From Virgin Records' early days, we’ve been nurturing the best talent and turning up-and-coming acts into household names. And we’re turning up the volume and celebrating our roots with incredible new musical talent joining us for limited residencies on every sailing. With more live music all over the scene, there’s always beat to rock and roll (and sway) to.

Extending your favorites

Based on your feedback, Duel Reality and UNTITLED DANCESHOW PARTYTHING will keep the energy rolling on the waves. These fan faves, featuring our amazing casts, constantly bring the heat to every performance — so even if you’ve seen it once, the energy, brought alive with the help of a new group of Sailors like you, is markedly different each time you see it.

Those epic late nights

From our drenched-in-red full-ship takeover on Scarlet Night to any of our vibrant nightclub parties (like Heartbeat and the funkadelic Studio 72), our award-winning nightlife brings the heat and the beat across the fleet — whether you’re dancing under the night stars or strutting your way into the shimmering halls of The Manor. And 2023 is getting fancy (literally, in some cases) with our newest soirées at sea.

Across the fleet

All the phenomenal entertainment you can expect aboard every single one of our lady ships.


Scarlet Night

Welcome to Scarlet Night — an immersive celebration of the fabled love between the mysterious Goddess of the Sea and the Sailor who won her heart. Throughout the evening, the entire ship is transformed into a menagerie of delights and epic experiences. Through pop-up circus performances, interactive games, karaoke, myth-telling, and live music, come pay tribute to a love that washed the world scarlet — culminating in a drenched-in-red pool and dance party unlike anything you've ever seen.


PJ Party

Because the name of the game is comfort, the dress code is simple: wear pajamas. Cozy PJs, zany PJs, even onesies — all styles welcome. Surprises will unravel through the night as you party with divas, rock stars, your best friends, and your new friends. There are plenty of comfy places to lounge, so snag a spot to cool off between dance numbers.

Meet the creators

From Randy Weiner and The 7 Fingers to Sam & Ani, our Creative Collective was formed to give you the very best entertainment — and not just what you’ve seen at sea. Known for producing incredible shows like Sleep No More and Queen of the Night, the producers, directors, and choreographers who make up our Creative Collective have worked to make sure you experience something you’ve never seen before — pushing boundaries, exploring untold stories, and delighting you in every way imaginable.

All the Happenings (Cast)

Gone are the days of a single cruise director — because our 14 Happenings Cast members threw out the rulebook and are making incredible activities and events happen with their personality and flair. From stargazing and well-being activations to bingo-with-a-twist and 80s-themed workouts, these magnetic individuals lead our favorite experiences on board and are always ready to help you have a blast. Running over 50 different events, below is just a taste of our happenings across the fleet.

Across The Fleet

On your next voyage

We have so much on deck for our entertainment lineup this year.

Spill the Beans

Anyone can taste and compare coffee flavors — so we’re raising the (coffee) bar with an interactive cupping class for you to experience the tasting process used by industry professionals and transform your daily caffeine-fix ritual forever. Learn the nuances and intricacies of different hand-selected varieties from all around the world in an authentic cupping class curated by Intelligentsia Coffee at The Grounds Club.

Salty Trivia

The Gamer compiles the best of pop culture, history, current events and beyond in a multi-round trivia event that he’s uniquely created. Each team will have a booklet to fill out for each round of 10 questions. But this isn’t your average trivia game—the highly curated, weirdly specific genres cater to the weird, the wacky and the nerdy among us—expanding beyond generations and giving you the freshest, funniest brain-twisters you can find on the open ocean (or anywhere, for that matter).

Mix it Up

Watch our bartenders compete for your heart on a spirited mix-off, vote on the winners for each round, and crown a champion at the end — but with six different taster cocktails to try, snacks to munch, and music to dance to, no one's going home empty-handed. Stick around afterward for a mixer.

VHS (Videos/Headbands/Simmons)

In this Sailor-favorite, over-the-top flashback to the golden age of exercise videos and 80s personalities, the Balancer will get you moving and grooving to a throwback soundtrack full of well-known, high-energy dance anthems and inspire you to dance (with somebody) and "feel the hee-eee-eeaat.”

Grog Walk

This traveling-pub-crawl-slash-moving-party begins then weaves you through the ship’s can't-miss bars and spots. You'll enjoy a bevvie and snack (on us) at one of our four stops — with special missions at each locale.

Rice, Rice Baby

Grab your chopsticks because, in this interactive demonstration at The Test Kitchen, you’ll get a taste of the ancient art of sushi-making, learn how to select sushi-grade fish, understand the correct way to forge a sushi knife, and get our top-secret sticky-seasoned-rice recipe. After all the tips and techniques you’ll master, you’ll go home ready to host the most epic sushi roll dinner party.


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"Do not miss out on the shows, the best two were the Scarlet Night pool party and Ships In The Night in the red room. Both of these really made the cruise."

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"I loved all the shows and the offered entertainment such as live music and fun trivia games. Scarlet Night is out of this world and such an awesome eclectic party vibe."

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"This was an amazing experience. The ship's entertainment was exceptional. We loved one so much, that we actually went three different nights. The talent on the ship was extraordinary."

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