Resilient Lady’s Revised Launch Schedule

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Reimbursement Offer Terms and Conditions

Version: June 8, 2022

1. OFFER OVERVIEW.  Due to a delay in launching the Virgin Voyages cruise ship RESILIENT LADY, Virgin Voyages will offer two reimbursement options for persons (or “Sailors” in our branding voice) whose RESILIENT LADY voyage has been canceled.  Virgin Voyages will also offer reimbursement for booked travel associated with a canceled RESILIENT LADY voyage (up to $500). This offer applies to bookings made through June 7, 2022.  The default option is Option 1 below.  If Sailors do nothing they will receive Offer 1.  Note however if a Sailor wants the Additional Benefit they will be requires to take action.  See section 1.A below.


200% Future Voyage Credit (“FVC”): Sailors will automatically receive Future Voyage Credit for double the voyage fare amount paid to date (equal to 100% Payment plus 100% Discount)
  • If the canceled RESILIENT LADY voyage booking is paid in full, the Sailor will receive 200% of the original voyage fare in FVC + a refund of the amount paid in taxes & fees and any ADD-ONS. Refunds will be issued to the original form of payment.
  • If the canceled RESILIENT LADY voyage booking is paid in part, the Sailor will receive 200% of the amount paid to date in FVC. No refunds of taxes & fees and add-ons will be issued.

Sailors will receive a refund of any money paid toward a voyage fare, plus a FVC valued at 25% of the voyage fare amount paid. Sailors who prefer this Option may go to our dedicated website at, or contact our Sailor Services Team, by July 31, 2022.


In addition to the offer options above, Virgin Voyages will reimburse up to $500 per Sailor for any travel fees via one of the following methods. Virgin Voyages will absorb any costs and fees related to the travel reimbursement. Payment will be by:
  1. Check for US residents only
  2. Western Union Cash Pickup for Sailors outside the United States.  Sailors will receive a 10-digit “MTCN tracking number” from us, which will be required to receive their Travel Reimbursement.
In order to claim the travel reimbursement, Sailors will need to upload travel receipts via the form, and provide the following details:
  • Full Legal Name (as it appears on your bank account or passport)
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport #
  • Mailing address
Use of Personal Data.  The submission of this personal information will be through an encrypted channel.  This personal information will be used solely to handle the travel reimbursement.  Once this personal information is no longer needed, it will be purged.  We will not use this personal information for any other purpose.


Sailors who booked by winning a sweepstakes may email to talk through their options.

A. IMPACTED SAILINGS. All RESILIENT LADY sailings previously scheduled to depart on August 14, 2022, through and including May 3, 2023

B. FVCs from impacted sailings may be used up until one (1) year from their voyage start date and can be used for any open sailings.

C. Refunds will be credited to the original form of payment (FVC or credit card). 

D. Future Voyage Credit will be distributed on a per Sailor basis. The amount may differ between Sailors depending on the 1 through 4. 

E. SAILORS PREVIOUSLY IMPACTED BY COVID CANCELLATIONS. Any of the below FVC coupons applied toward the newly impacted sailing will be returned and will not be doubled.
Any regular Future Voyage Credit and credit card payments will be eligible for the offers.

F. ACCESS KEY DETAILS. Covers voyage fare in The Sea Terrace cabin on a 2022 Sailing on SC or VL (excluding blackout dates below). Sailors must pay for taxes and fees. Sailors cannot pay for upgrades, but they can bid for a Level Upgrade.  

Blackout Dates: 
  • SCARLET LADY: 7/17/22, 12/4/22, 12/14/22, 12/27/22
  • VALIANT LADY: 7/3/22, 11/5/22, 11/13/22, 11/19/22, 12/30/22
G. PROTECTING SAILOR LOOT OFFERS. We will protect any limited time bonus Sailor Loot offers, such as $100 Bar Tab and $200 JLoversLoot.

H. TOUR OPERATORS. Sailors booked through Tour Operators should contact their First Mate.  First Mate Tour Operators should contact Voyage Services.

I. CIRCLES. Circles will follow the same process listed above.  Virgin Voyages will be contacting Circle Leaders, but Sailors may also contact our Sailor Services Team to manage individual bookings. Our Sailors booked in a Circle will receive the same offer options as above.

We are protecting commissions for any voyage fare amount paid by the Sailor. We’ll protect commission on the original booking based on the amount paid to date based on the commission offer they locked in at the time.  Taxes, fees and all bookables will be refunded to your Sailor. Any bonus commissions applied to these bookings will be made available to apply on your Sailor’s next booking.  For specific commission details and questions, you can reach out to our Sales Crew at Our Sales Crew will be working directly with our First Mates Circles.
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