Jun 08, 2022

Resilient Lady’s Revised Launch Schedule: Offer and Travel Reimbursement Details

We’re committed to delivering exceptional experiences, but given the global challenges still impacting the travel industry, we’ve made the decision to delay our Resilient Lady launch season. We understand how disappointing this is; you may have taken your PTO, made flights, organized plans with friends around it; and we’ve kept all that in mind with our offers and reimbursements — which you can find detailed below, as well as forms to submit your requests or easily rebook your voyage. That being said, please know that you don’t have to do anything; if you don’t take any action, you will be defaulted to our Double Your Value Option detailed directly below. 

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Option 1

Double Your Value

We want to give you time to consider which option is best for you and your personal circumstances. Your first option is converting your voyage fare to a 200% Future Voyage Credit, based on the amount you’ve paid toward your voyage — which is double the value of your existing paid fare.
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Option 2

Full Refund

If you’d prefer not to go with the Double Your Value Option(s) above, you have the option to be fully refunded on everything you paid for your voyage — plus receive a Future Voyage Credit equal to 25% of your paid voyage fare to use on a future sailing date. 
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Offer Selection and Reimbursement

Contact us to request a refund or assist with rebooking your voyage. We have similar voyage dates on our other two lady ships that you can easily swap by using the below form; like our Valiant Lady 7-night voyages out of Barcelona — sailing to gorgeous destinations across Spain, France and Italy. We’ve also created this handy itinerary PDF to help show you all the stunning places you can go through the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. 

Travel Reimbursement Details 

We understand the lengths it took — both financially and physically — to take time off and travel to join us aboard Resilient Lady, so Virgin Voyages will also assist with travel penalties for up to $500 per person. Whether that’s hotel, airfare, transfer fees, or any other travel penalties, if you upload documentation (receipts, etc.) in the form linked below, we will work to compensate you for costs you’ve incurred. After we review, we will provide details about how we'll process your reimbursement which will vary depending on whether you are based in the US or not. And if you purchased travel insurance when procuring your travel plans, please reach out to your insurance companies and they’ll help assist you in getting reimbursed as well. Just Contact Us we'll help get you squared away.


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