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Get the Best Deals and Most Value on Cruise Ticket Prices.

Let’s make a deal: offers to make your cruise more epic (and affordable).

Cruise Tickets for Your Next Voyage

The great thing about cruising, compared to a typical vacation, is that the decision-making process is really simple: just browse the itineraries, figure out which epic destination piques your interest, and book when you find the best cruise ticket deal, especially with cruise ticket prices on the rise. The rest is taken care of. Actually, that’s not totally true. On our adult-only cruises there’s another step to consider, but we think it actually makes the process even more fun: browsing our cruise deals. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Whether it’s a BOGO sale on golf clubs or getting free drinks on your cruise, we’re huge fans of anything that saves us money and provides value. That’s why we’re coming in hot with a host of epic deals, from 25% off our Caribbean sailings to free drinks for our Sailors, and much, much more. And what happens when you’re saving money before you even board the ship? Well, you’re in a better headspace to truly let go, relax and have even more fun on board.

Getting the best cruise ship ticket price is easier than you think 

The best part about our cruise ticket pricing, apart from all the great deals waiting to be scored? You can book cruise tickets online with no money down. Nothing kills the vacation vibe like seeing a huge chunk of change disappear from your bank account all at once. That’s why we let our Sailors finance their cruise tickets with as little as $0 due at the time of booking, 0% APR, and the flexibility to pay over time. Simply choose the voyage and cabin you want, choose Uplift Pay Monthly as your payment method at checkout, and enjoy your cruise knowing you have the freedom to pay over time. 

Whether you finance or not, we make booking your cruise tickets as easy as possible. Simply:

  1. Set a Vacation Budget - Use our Estimator tool to determine your budget.
  2. Decide When and Where you’d like to Vacation - Decide whether you want a Puerto Rican Paloma or a European Aperol spritz, a Caribbean beach day, or an Aussie wildlife adventure.
  3. Find and Book your Voyage - Browse dozens of epic itineraries to ports around the world.
  4. Snag a Deal - Make sure you’re taking advantage of the best cruise deals or financing options.
  5. Pack Your Bags!

Cruise to the world’s ultimate vacation spots

From the Caribbean to Australia and even voyages that cross the Atlantic, we’ve got cruise ticket options for whatever kind of wanderlust happens to sweep you away. 

  • Caribbean Cruise Tickets - Check out eight stunning tropical destinations and over 150 experiences on our Caribbean Cruises, from ziplining over jungle treetops to relaxing on the beach with rum punch in hand.   
  • Europe Cruise Tickets - Our European Cruises depart from home ports in Barcelona, Spain, and Athens, bringing you to sunny shores and historic cities all around the Med. 
  • Transatlantic Cruise Tickets - For a true adventure, embark on one of our Transatlantic Cruises. These cross-continental journeys don’t just sail between continents but feel like sailing between different cultural worlds. 
  • South Pacific Cruise Tickets - From the wildlife of Tasmania and the buzzing excitement of Melbourne to the natural beauty of New Zealand, our Australian & New Zealand Cruises are the best way to explore the South Pacific.
  • Mediterranean Cruise Tickets - There’s nothing quite like skirting the French Riviera or island-hopping in Greece, basking in the Mediterranean sun, on one of our Med cruises.

So, when's the best time to purchase a cruise ticket?

Unlike airfares, which fluctuate day-to-day, and are the subject of many popular myths dictating which day – and even which hour – is the best time to buy, cruises are much less headache-inducing. Even last-minute cruises won’t come with an exorbitant price hike, so you can really book whenever you like, whether it’s a year in advance, or (our favorite) more spontaneously a week prior to departure. 

What's Included with Your Cruise Ticket Fare?

And forget about budgeting for day-to-day expenses, as you might for other vacations. We take care of all the details so you can sit back and relax. Food at our 20+ onboard eateries is included in your ticket, from elevated Mexican street food at Pink Agave to Gunbae, our Korean BBQ, comfort food classics at Razzle Dazzle, and perhaps most importantly… room service. Basic beverages, like juices, sodas, and sparkling water, are also included, as well as gratuity, so you won’t need to bust out your wallet at dinner and awkwardly play the “who pays?” game. But what about entertainment, you ask? Well, fun is a hallmark of Virgin Voyages, so of course, all our Red Room shows and special performances are included on your cruise, and for the wellness-oriented, group fitness classes and workouts are also free of charge. So as you can see, no matter when you hit that “book” button, there’s really no bad time to take advantage of all our included luxury offerings for an almost all inclusive vacation.

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Prices vary depending on the cabin, special cruise deals, and financing. New cruise deals and promotions are constantly being rolled out, so keep your eyes peeled for ways to stay within budget when booking.

Absolutely! Check out our lineup of epic vacation spots.

All 20+ of our special eateries (including gratuity), WiFi, unlimited group workouts, all Red Room shows and entertainment, and basic beverages like juice, soda, and sparkling water.
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