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New year, new cruise: start the year right with travel resolutions for 2024.

There’s no better way to fulfill your travel resolutions than with a cruise in 2024.

Start the year right with Virgin Voyages cruise

Going into a new year with new resolutions, there’s a lot of pressure to reinvent yourself. But we’re here to take off some of the pressure – you don’t need to be a brand new person in 2024, you just need to give yourself the self-care and relaxation time you deserve. This is what makes travel resolutions so important for 2024. The best way to travel more? Taking a cruise in 2024. What’s a more exciting way to start the new year than planning a cruise to look forward to? Start planning a vacation several months down the road, there’s no better way to fulfill your travel resolutions than with a cruise in 2024.

Jump Start your Travel Resolutions for 2024 with Travel Deals

If you need an excuse besides, “new year, new me” to book a cruise, you’re in luck. Our cruise deals are designed to remove financial barriers and give you an extra incentive to book. One of our most enticing offers of the new year gives you 70% off your second Sailor, plus free drinks, on select sailings through 2025. The offer ends on January 31, so make sure to lock it in if you’re planning to travel as a duo. Amorous duos will also want to take advantage of our Splash of Romance promotion, which includes thermal spa passes, champagne, daily cold-pressed juices, and more amenities designed for couples. And no matter who you are, or who you’re traveling with, everyone loves some good liquor perks. All you have to do is pre-pay for your voyage, and you’ll secure extra Bar Tab credit, in a dollar amount that depends on your initial Bar Tab purchase.

How to Keep and Fulfill Your Resolutions

It’s a story we’ve all heard before. I’ll start working out next year. Next year, I’ll finally renew my passport and plan a cruise to check off an item off my travel resolution list. Well, next year is here. And we want to make sure you actually keep that resolution to travel more. Most resolutions fall through because life simply gets in the way, because we don’t sit down and make an actionable plan for how we’re going to improve ourselves in the new year, the steps we’re going to take to get in shape, quit smoking, make a new friend, take an epic vacation – whatever it may be. Our goal is to help you check off as many of those resolutions as possible all at once. And it’s easier than you might think. Booking a cruise in 2024 not only means traveling to a new, exotic destination, it also means giving yourself time for r&r. Take advantage of our world-class Redemption Spa with a treatment of your choice, whether it be a facial, body wrap, or massage, meet a new special someone at our Manor nightclub, or give your current special someone the quality time they deserve with a romantic dinner at one of our intimate eateries

We can’t be on your case all year making sure you fulfill EVERY resolution, but we can certainly offer you a fun, luxurious, relaxing environment conducive to checking off as many resolutions as possible.

Check off your New Year’s travel resolutions with us – whatever they may be

We know that “travel more” is a common New Year’s resolution, but what makes travel – particularly cruise travel – so appealing? Well, it’s no surprise that a floating almost all-inclusive luxury experience has many benefits for would-be travelers. Whether it’s our adult-only offering, dedication to creating rejuvenating spaces, shore adventures, and onboard culinary experience, our cruise ships are the perfect way to get all the benefits of an epic vacation all in one place.

It’s not often that a vacation of any kind can promise to be 100% adult only. Whether it’s a luxurious all-inclusive resort, a cross-country road trip, a remote glamping vacation, or most cruises, it’s almost impossible to guarantee an exclusively adult experience. Well, we do. Our voyages are all 18+, meaning we can offer a more sophisticated (and sometimes irreverent) experience to our Sailors. So whether you’re embracing your most inappropriate self on a bachelorette party or looking for some much-deserved quality time with your partner away from the kids, we’ve got you covered.

Was your resolution to rest and relax more in the new year? Easy. Our Redemption Spa is here for all your rejuvenation needs. Whether you’re simply lounging around the spa area and using the hot tubs, mud room, sauna, and steam room, or booking a specialty treatment, the spa is your safe space away from all the hustle and bustle to get some serious self-care. You can also get a tune-up on your hair care at our Dry Dock salon, a shave at Stubble & Groom barbershop, or (for the more actively inclined) take advantage of one of our yoga, barre, or HIIT classes. 

Exploring new cultures and landscapes is arguably the most enjoyable part of traveling, and why most people decide to get a passport in the first place. A cruise is perhaps the best way to see as many new places as possible in a vacation’s typically short time frame. From shorter itineraries visiting 2-3 ports to longer ones hitting upwards of 10, trying to cover that much ground on your own would prove nearly impossible. And we don’t just bring you to new lands, we give you epic experiences to choose from while you’re there. Whether you’re soaring over jungles, exploring ancient Grecian ruins, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, or partying the night away in Ibiza, we’re not just checking destinations off a list, we’re making memories while we’re there.

Elevate your wellness with our rejuvenating voyages

We understand that wellness is a central tenet of many New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s resolving to work out more, eat healthier, treat yourself to more spa days, or dedicate time to self-improvement, looking after our wellbeing is key to starting the new year off on the right foot. That’s why we’re offering special Elevate Voyages, designed to kick your wellness into high gear. 

Our Elevate Voyages in the South Pacific, Mediterranean, and Caribbean feature expert-led workshops, inspiring talks, and immersive holistic wellness experiences, which build community, self-confidence, and connections with your fellow Sailors. Idyllic Ibiza, our 7-night round-trip voyage from Barcelona, isn’t just about the epic ports of Toulon, Ajaccacio, and Ibiza, it’s also about the fitness sessions and career speakers. Similarly, our Painted Skies in the Florida Keys sailing from Miami is a relaxing 4-night Caribbean voyage that’ll leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

A couples cruise is the best way to let love flow in the new year

A cruise can be one of the best ways to kick off the new year as a couple – whether it’s a new fling or you’re looking for fun ways to spice up a decades-old marriage. That’s especially true when the cruise is 18+, so you can really focus on each other without any distractions from kids – yours or anyone else’s.

A huge part of what makes us one of the best cruises for couples is our sophisticated restaurants and eateries. Our 20+ onboard dining experiences give you the versatility to craft any date night you like, whether you’re feeling classy steakhouse vibes at The Wake, Michelin-curated small plates at Test Kitchen, or a more social experience meeting other couples at Gunbae, our Korean BBQ with communal seating and drinking games. 

We also pride ourselves on our Redemption Spa, because nothing says couples getaway like a spa day. From cozy couples massages to hot tubs, a sauna, steam room, and plunge pools, there’s no shortage of intimate spaces to relax and rejuvenate. You can even add an extra “Splash of Romance” to your voyage with our special package designed for couples. It comes with priority boarding, two 3-hour thermal spa passes, champagne, and more.

Single and ready to mingle? So are other Sailors…

There’s nothing wrong with starting the new year single, either. In fact, some would argue it’s ideal. Whether you’re newly free from a toxic relationship, or just holding out for that special someone, being single to start a new year can actually be rather invigorating. But only if you take advantage of it. While our cruises are great for couples and groups of friends, we love our solo cruisers too, and pride ourselves on creating spaces conducive to fostering connections between Sailors. 

Gunbae, our elevated Korean BBQ restaurant, is designed as a social space, with communal seating that allows Sailors to meet each other. Not only does Gunbae make it easy to forge new friendships and relationships, our server-facilitated drinking games, involving soju shots, are perfect for breaking the ice. You might sit down at a table with strangers, but before you know it, you’ll be leaving with friends. Events like the “Grog Walk” are also perfect for meeting new people. Our version of a pub crawl, you’ll hit several onboard bars while mingling with other crawlers. The best event for letting loose and letting your social guard down, however, is probably Scarlet Night, a special night that happens on every voyage where everyone dresses in red and jumps in the pool. Nothing says romance quite like jumping into a pool, in accidentally matching red outfits, at midnight.

It’s no wonder US News & World Report named Virgin Voyages “among the best cruises for solo travelers” in 2022.

Let us help you keep your travel resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are very personal. No one can tell you what they should be, and no one can fulfill them except you. All we can do is create the opportunity for you to follow through by traveling more, and make it as easy (and fun) as possible to start the new year off right. Whether you’re focused on wellness, quality couples time, meeting new friends and lovers, or exploring new destinations, cruising with us is the perfect way to start your new year on the right foot.

SEA your New Year’s Resolutions through this year with one of our 2024 cruises.


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