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The top 10 wellness & fitness benefits to enjoy on a cruise.

The Best Wellness & Fitness Cruise Vacations for Women

Gone are the days where cruises mean inevitably packing on thousands of calories per day, and skipping the gym for a week. At least, on Virgin Voyages. You can still do those things if you like, but our ships are all about creating wellness experiences for those who don’t want to let their health routines lapse just because they’re on vacation, or who are looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Our balance of luxury, relaxation, adventure, and self-care is perfect for meeting your 2024 health goals, especially women looking for fitness cruises and a rejuvenating wellness travel experience.

Top 10 benefits of a 2024 wellness and fitness cruise for women

Our adults-only cruises are perfect for those who want a balance of good old fashioned vacation relaxation, and rejuvenating self-care. They're especially perfect for women on a solo adventure looking to put their own twist on an “eat, pray, love” escape. These are the top 10 cruise health benefits of sailing with Virgin Voyages.

  1. Relaxation - Between our Redemption Spa, pool deck, hot tubs, and breezy outdoor bars, it’s hard not to relax on one of our cruises. 
  2. Adventure & Exploration - One of the best ways to relax and let go is by embracing new cultures, trying new cuisines, and seeing beautiful new landscapes. That’s where our Shore Things, in ports all over the world, come in.
  3. Connecting with like-minded Adults - Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone and making new friends is the most rejuvenating thing you can do. With onboard events like Scarlet Night, PJ parties, pub crawls, and more, it’s easy to connect with fellow, like-minded Sailors.
  4. Health & Happiness - We’re not doctors, but there’s just something restorative and curative about a sea breeze, sunshine, and divorcing yourself from your everyday routine and responsibilities. Our cruises are your chance to let go.
  5. Rejuvenation - You don’t have to be experiencing an “eat, pray, love”- style existential crisis to have a life changing experience on a cruise. Whether it’s meeting new people from all around the world, or opening your eyes to new cultures on port visits, cruises can reframe your view of the world. 
  6. Self-Care & growth - Especially if you’re solo traveling for the first time, cruises can be the perfect way to grow as a person and become comfortable with new experiences. They’re also an ideal way to treat yourself to the wellness getaway you deserve.
  7. Healthy Dining & Drinking Options - Again, it’s not all about the carbs and booze. You can disembark our voyages healthier than when you stepped onboard, thanks to our alcohol free drinking options. Our bartenders and mixologists are offering up some pretty delicious mocktails – and no, you won’t miss the alcohol.
  8. Self-reflection - Cruises – particularly sunshiny days at sea – are a perfect time to self-reflect. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the top deck at night doing some solo meditation, taking a sunrise group yoga class, or just in your cabin with the mood lights.
  9. Sunshine & Ocean Air - This one’s a no brainer. Go on a cruise, get a tan. It’s as simple as that. 
  10. Stress-free Cruise Vacation - If you’re stressing on your cruise, you’re cruising wrong. We treat our Sailors like VIPs, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 20+ eateries all included in your cruise fare, not to mention world-class spa services. 
The Best Wellness & Fitness Cruise Vacations for Women

Self-care and wellness amenities

If you’re looking for a vacation defined by self-care, introspection, and wellness activities, Virgin Voyages has you covered. Between the spa facilities in our Redemption Spa – the ultimate self-care experience – group fitness classes, state-of-the-art gym, and scenic running track that encircles the ship, wellness opportunities are always available for Sailors. 

Spa Redemption - Relax in Amazement

The crown jewel of our relaxation experience is the Redemption Spa. With a mud room, salt room, steam room, sauna, hot tubs, and cold pools, you don’t ever need to book a massage, facial, or wrap (though we’d highly recommend it) to feel fully restored here.

Beauty Salon and Squid Ink - Look Amazing

Sometimes self-care means a little aesthetic tune-up. Always wanted to get a tattoo, but could never motivate yourself to actually pull the trigger? Now’s your chance. There’s no better souvenir than one that quite literally stays with you forever. So treat yourself to some creative fun at Squid Ink, our onboard tattoo parlor. If that feels like a bridge too far, the Dry Dock, our beauty salon, is here to give you a fresh new look that isn’t quite as permanent.

Mani-Pedi & Medi Therapeutic Services - Feel Amazing

The Medi Spa is our sanctuary for all things glamorous. From luxurious manicures and pedicures with organic soaks, to Botox, fillers, and IV therapy, the Medi Spa is your one-stop beauty shop. 

Guided Meditation Sessions - Feel Soulful

It’s one thing to indulge in a little self-care for the body, but what about the soul? Our guided meditation sessions are designed to bring your body and mind into alignment. 

The Best Wellness & Fitness Cruise Vacations for Women

Onboard fitness group classes & amenities

The only buffet onboard is our buffet of fitness amenities, with something to suit every Sailor. From cutting-edge gym equipment to group fitness classes and on-demand app training, we’ve got you covered.

Technogym Equipment

Sometimes it can be tough to motivate yourself to hit the gym, especially while on vacation. That’s not the case on Virgin Voyages, since you’ll be lifting weights and running on the treadmill with beautiful views of an ocean horizon.

Training Camp, Group Workout Sessions

Nothing is quite as motivating as working out in groups. Whether it’s sunrise yoga, cycling, or a HIIT class, group workouts are a great way to both stay in Shape and meet other Sailors.

Cycling Studio

Get motivated as a group with a cycling session. There’s no better way to meet new friends than by burning calories together.

Bungee Classes

If you’ve never taken a bungee class before…well, you need to. Our bungee classes aren’t just a great way to stay in shape – they’re actually fun!

Bookable Personal Training

We know exercising is easier when you have someone to show you the ropes. That’s why we’ve got a pro personal trainer on hand to keep you motivated and make sure you actually leave your balcony hammock for a gym sesh.

Virgin-red Running Track

Running with a view is always better. Spend your morning circling our Virgin-red Running Track that encircles the ship, offering up some of the most sweeping horizon views you’ll find anywhere on the high seas.

Basketball Court

That’s right – it’s a basketball court at sea. Play one-on-one, Knockout, or just practice your free-throws solo.

Fitness On Demand apps

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your cabin to crush a workout, thanks to our Fitness On Demand apps. Whether you’re in your room or going solo at the gym, these self-guided tutorials are perfect for a quick fitness fix. 

The Best Wellness & Fitness Cruise Vacations for Women

Relaxation and adventure at every cruise destination

It doesn’t really matter where you’re cruising, because at every port you’ll find opportunities to indulge in restorative fun. Whether it’s strolling through nature, taking an enlightening tour of local culture, relaxing on a white sand beach with your significant other, or leaning into your adventurous side with zip lining and epic hikes, it’s easy to carve out your own relaxation experience.

How to book a wellness & fitness cruise

The good news is, booking a fitness & wellness cruise is a lot easier than getting the motivation to go to the gym. Doing it is actually fun, and you can do it literally anytime. Unlike those early morning, bleary-eyed workout sessions, it’s never too early to book a fitness cruise online or through Sailor Services. Take advantage of our cruise deals for a special Elevate Voyage – a cruise with wellness-oriented speakers and experiences – and remember, you can even book cruises with zero money down payment plans

Meet your wellness & fitness goals for 2024

For women looking to kickstart their 2024 with new health objectives, a wellness cruise is the seamless, stress-free vacation you’ve been looking for. After taking our group fitness classes, watching the sun rise while you find inner peace during a yoga session, take a brisk run around our track, and treat yourself to some pampering in the spa, you’ll disembark a whole new you.

Get excited for your wellness & fitness cruise.

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