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Congrats, grad! Commemorate your achievement with these graduation trip ideas

Oh, the places you’ll voyage!

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There’s no better way to celebrate a new chapter in your life than by cruising to an epic destination you’ve always wanted to visit. Graduation is right around the corner, and while moving on to a new stage in your education or career is a celebration in itself, a cruise vacation is a particularly memorable way to honor the accomplishments of the grad in your life. Whether it’s just a quick break before transitioning into a Master’s program, or a life intermission before entering the workforce, gathering the family (or some friends) for a graduation voyage allows you to visit multiple vacation destinations on one trip, and makes turning the page even more special.

A budget-friendly college graduation trip

Money is tight for new college graduates. We get that. You’ve just finished four years of school, and haven’t yet entered the workforce. It's an awkward in-between period where you feel like celebrating your accomplishment and blowing off steam, but don’t exactly have tons of expendable income to do it (and don’t necessarily want to feel forced into a family vacation with your parents). That’s where cruises come in.

Our cruises, which cater to adults and young adults, are designed for the budget-friendly traveler. Not only do we offer everything young adults could possibly want in a post-grad getaway – a nightclub, bookable karaoke rooms, 20+ free eateries – we also have flexible payment options, including a monthly payment plan, to make voyages more financially feasible. The best part? Once you book a ticket, you can put your wallet away. Aside from optional extras, all your food, entertainment, hot tub sessions, karaoke nights, and spectacular sea views are included!

Inspiration for your graduation trip

College is over. The long hours of studying and trying to come up with the right answer on a test are over. But there’s still one important decision to be made: exactly where do you go on your celebratory graduation vacation? Luckily, there are plenty of graduation trip ideas and vacation options to choose from, and it’s never too early to start planning.

Graduation Trip Idea 1: Hit the beaches on a tropical escape

No matter what kind of climate you’re coming from, nothing is as relaxing as a tropical beach vacation. The perfect way to unwind after years of toiling away in class, a beach getaway is a much-needed reprieve before launching into the uncertain world of job searching or graduate school. Voyaging to destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico, or islands in the Mediterranean, is the ideal way to celebrate a graduation. 

Graduation Trip Idea 2: Go on a road trip adventure

Embracing the freedom of the open road is a fitting way to celebrate… well, the freedom of life after graduation. A road trip to Miami with friends is always a good idea. It can be as simple as creating a basic itinerary, with a loose enough structure to allow for adventure and spontaneity. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to explore all Miami has to offer, including the lively beaches, nightlife scene, and colorful art district, before embarking on your cruise adventure. 

Graduation Trip Idea 3: Plan a cultural expedition

You might have had enough learning after just finishing school, but experiential learning is much more exciting (and some would say more valuable) than sitting in a classroom. Visiting historical cities like Athens, Barcelona, and Bruges, can be a great way to expand your cultural knowledge, and learn more about art, architecture, music, and food.

Graduation Trip Idea 4: Take a graduation cruise

Call us biased, but we think a cruise is the best way to celebrate your graduation. A unique and epic adventure, cruises can bring you to multiple destinations on the same trip, all while giving you access to a range of fun-filled amenities onboard. From our Korean BBQ with communal dining and drinking games to our karaoke rooms and nightclub, there are no shortage of activities onboard to keep your grad entertained – not to mention the beautiful ports they’ll be waking up to every day.

Virgin Voyages

Best Caribbean islands to travel to for graduation trips

What's the one thing you’re probably daydreaming about when you’re neck deep in a final exam, waiting for the final page, and watching the seconds tick off the clock above the door? A Caribbean summer beach holiday, obviously. After all those years with your head in the books, there’s nowhere better to finally rest your head than on a beach lounger somewhere in the Caribbean with one of the most popular cruises from Miami.

San Juan

Between the colorful Old San Juan, the nearby rainforest, and delicious cuisine, San Juan is an ideal destination for grads looking for a little cultural education on their vacation.

Cozumel (Playa del Carmen)

Students of history will love Cozumel, with tours available to ancient ruins dating back thousands of years. Students of sunbathing will also love the area’s pristine beaches. 

Bimini, Bahamas

School’s over. Time to blow off some steam. There’s no better place to do it than Bimini, our exclusive beach club in the Bahamas. Relax on the beach with a book, or vibe to DJ beats while sitting poolside sipping a margarita. 

Costa Maya

Costa Maya is the best of both worlds. If you’re the kind of traveler who simply wants to chill beachside with a drink in hand, you can. If you’d rather rip through the Mexican jungle on an adrenaline-pumping ATV ride, you can do that too. 

Puerto Plata

This is the kind of place you dream about when you’re buried in homework and squinting for the light at the end of the tunnel. From waterfalls and beaches to colorful architecture in 16th-century Puerto Plata, this island has it all.

Virgin Voyages

Discover adventure on a cultural expedition

Just because school’s out, doesn’t mean you need to stop learning. Vacation isn’t just about sitting on a beach and getting tan. It’s also for getting acquainted with other cultures that have rich histories and traditions, as well as active experiences like snorkeling and off-roading that give you a deeper look at what makes a destination special. Whether it’s visiting museums and historic sites, indulging in local, traditional cuisine, or going beyond the port city on an adrenaline-pumping adventure, vacation can be the perfect opportunity for some experiential learning.


What better way to introduce yourself to the local marine ecosystem than by strapping on a snorkel and seeing the fish, turtles, stingrays, and coral reefs up close?

Scuba Diving

Take an even deeper look at a destination's aquatic world. Scuba diving gives you a close-up view of the mysteries of the sea like nothing else.

Jet Ski Tours

The best way to explore a destination’s coastline isn’t by bus, but of course, by jet ski. Take to the water for an exciting ride that’ll give you a front row seat to some pretty epic scenery – both on land and at sea. 

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours are arguably the best way to really get to know a new destination. Sure, school might be over, but experiential learning is always more fun than reading textbooks. Hit a local museum, head into the countryside for wine tasting, or take a guided tour around the city. When you leave, you’ll have a much fuller understanding of the place than if you had simply lounged on the beach.

Off Road Tours

Think of it as the land version of jet skiing. Whipping through backroads, up mountains, and through jungles and forests, isn’t just a thrilling way to spend an afternoon. It’s also a great way to dive head first into a destination’s natural landscape, and often to see its most breathtaking views.


Celebrate with an Epic Graduation Trip

When you graduate, everyone tells you some variation of these cliches: “seize the day,” and “the world is your oyster.” Well, what better way to seize the day than by booking a cruise to celebrate this huge milestone? And once you start browsing our destination pages, you’ll quickly realize – the world is, in fact, your oyster. From Caribbean beaches to ancient Mediterranean cities, there are nearly limitless options for exploring the world on our voyages for your graduation trip.

Plan your perfect graduation cruise.

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