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Cruises vs. all inclusive resorts: why one is the clear victor…

Enjoy resort perks with cruise versatility on our luxury voyages.

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Not to generalize, but if there’s one thing that’s true of most humans, it’s this: we’re lazy, and this is why we love all inclusive cruises and resorts. We want to have fun without venturing too far to have it. We want to travel the world, but dread the tedium of airplanes and airports. We love trying different cuisines, but if it means getting in the car and driving to a restaurant, we’ll probably just reheat something from the fridge. There’s certainly nothing wrong with convenience, and preferring to have amenities at our fingertips. That’s what makes an all inclusive cruise, and all inclusive resorts, so appealing to travelers. 

On vacation, you’re allowed to be lazy. You shouldn’t have to worry about navigating public transportation, or figuring out where to eat every meal. All inclusive experiences are pretty self-explanatory in their appeal – everything you need is just… included. It’s right there. Right in front of you, or a quick elevator ride away. Now, all inclusive resorts are great if you’re okay sticking to your room, the hotel pool, and onsite restaurants the entire time, but our adult only cruises give Sailors the chance to explore multiple vacation destinations on a single trip. And our always included luxury philosophy means you can be as lazy or active as you like – on our dime.

Are cruises all inclusive?

The best part about an all inclusive experience, whether it’s a resort or on our cruise ships, is all the luxurious amenities that are included. Well, in theory anyway. Many resorts and cruises boast all inclusive luxuries, but what you really get are bare bones amenities, barely passable food, and a pool deck you have to share with hundreds of screaming kids – and the real luxury comes at a steep upcharge. Not on Virgin Voyages crusie ships. Our adults-only cruises are all about perks with no fine print. From food and WiFi to basic beverages, workout classes, and Vegas-worthy entertainment, we take our always-included luxury promise seriously. 

Food is undoubtedly one of our favorite onboard luxuries, and with 20+ eateries (all included in your cruise fare ticket) you won’t be starved for choice. From elaborate comfort food brunches to Korean BBQ, our elevated and sustainable dining is completely covered – and yes, that includes gratuities too. When you’re not indulging in food, indulge in our free world-class entertainment, like the interactive shows in our Red Room theater, karaoke nights in The Groupie, onboard events like PJ parties, and NYC-inspired nightclub The Manor (without the NYC cover charge). 

So what separates cruising from all inclusive resorts? 

The benefits of an all inclusive experience pretty much speak for themselves, but cruises and resorts are two very, very different experiences. When it comes to choosing which one we prefer – well, we’re obviously a little biased. Adults-only all inclusive resorts may offer the same sophisticated vacation environment as our adult only cruises, but there’s one differentiating fact you simply can’t argue with: resorts stay in one place. Cruises don’t, often times traveling to multiple vacation destinations. Maybe we’re just suckers for convenience, or maybe our wanderlust is too strong to be satisfied by visiting just one destination, but what we love about cruising is its ability to bring you to multiple vacation spots on the same trip. 

The Caribbean, for example, is dotted with all inclusive resort experiences, but once you pick one, you’re pretty much confined to that island – or even the resort property – for the entirety of your vacation stay. Cruising is like taking three or four (or in some cases, ten!) vacations in one. You'll be able to visit some of the best Caribbean Islands in one vacation. Hitting multiple cruise ports means weaving in and out of various historical traditions, cuisines, natural landscapes, and excursions, without having to hop connecting flights or lug your travel luggage anywhere. So don’t pick between the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico – visit all four, with a few sunshiny sea days sprinkled in between. It’s as simple as browsing our epic cruise itineraries or contacting one of our team members to help you book your next cruise.

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