Travel Plans Nov 28, 2023

Sail into 2024 with an epic New Year’s voyage.

We’re already chilling the Champagne, Sailor.

Sail into 2024 with an epic New Year’s voyage

Unfortunately, the New Year's holiday comes with a lot of pressure. There’s an expectation to have special plans — whether it be a wild party or memorable vacation — and profound New Year’s resolutions that somehow don’t sound cliche. What if we told you there’s a way to check off all those boxes in one fell swoop? No, we’re not talking about crowding into a freezing Times Square with thousands of other people watching a ball drop. Venturing into a major city on New Year’s Eve is pure chaos. Wrangling your friends for a group ski trip is a logistical nightmare. Finding dinner reservations at a romantic restaurant with your significant other can prove impossible. That's where a New Year’s cruise comes in.

An always included luxury cruise means saving yourself the stress of the usual New Year's planning. Want a romantic New Year’s Eve dinner at our Extra Virgin Italian restaurant? Easy. Feel like ringing in the New Year with some unforgettable nightlife? The Manor nightclub is cover-free, line-free, and open every night. Itching to get a head start on your resolutions with a fitness class? We’ve got free group workouts on tap throughout the entire voyage. So if you believe that New Year’s Day sets the standard for the 364 days that follow, raise your glass and join us in a toast to an unforgettable start to 2024.

Cruises to kick off the year the right way

If you’ve decided to pull the trigger on a New Year’s cruise, we’ve got three special voyages dedicated to kicking 2024 off the right way. For the Caribbean cruisers out there, our Valiant Lady is heading out on an 8-night cruise from Miami on December 30, heading to Puerto Plata, San Juan, St. Croix, and our Bimini beach club. Our Scarlet Lady is also hitting the Caribbean on its epic 6-night Kaleidoscopic coasts in Honduras voyage. This cruise trip, departing on December 27 from Miami, visits Roatán and Costa Maya before capping it all off with a pool party at our Bimini beach club. And if exploring new continents is on your bucket list, check off Australia. Our 14-night one-way cruise from Melbourne to Auckland is a whirlwind tour of the South Pacific, visiting Burnie and Hobart in Tasmania, Sydney, Picton, Napier, and Tauranga. This one-of-a-kind New Year's cruise leaves Sydney on December 29, and might be one of the most adventurous New Year's getaways you can imagine.

We’re here to help with your New Year’s Resolutions, too

The only thing tougher than coming up with good New Year’s resolutions is actually fulfilling them. There are the classics: get in shape, eat healthy, make new friends; and the more adventurous: get outside your comfort zone, visit a new country, allow yourself to indulge, try a frightening experience. No matter what your resolution might be, we’ve got you covered. 

If you’ve resolved to live a healthier lifestyle in 2024, our free group workout classes, including sunrise yoga, are the perfect way to kickstart the new year the right way. Spend your mornings running around our track and playing basketball, and your evenings taking advantage of our healthy menu items and mocktails. Treat yourself to a massage or facial at our Redemption Spa. If your normal routine is pretty healthy, however, and you need a push to embrace a little decadence, get ready for a full-fledged shove. Make our ice cream parlor, “Lick Me Till Ice Cream,” part of your daily routine. Forget carb counting and embrace indulgence at Extra Virgin and Pink Agave, or dive into late night room service snacks with Ship Eats. Meet new friends and throw back soju shots at Gunbae, our Korean BBQ, and face your public singing fears at The Groupie karaoke lounge. For newbie and intrepid travelers alike, our Shore Things will help scratch that adventure itch, and start your year off by adding stamps to your passport. 

Whatever your resolution might be, a New Year’s Eve cruise is the best way to get a jump on it.

Start a new New Year's tradition with Virgin Voyages and book one of our New Years' cruises.

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