updated Jan 28, 2021

Resilient Lady has big plans for the future. And so do we.

Ship 3 Reveal Renders

As we celebrate the strength and resilience of women in tandem with International Women’s Day today, we thought it apt to announce the third ship in our fleet, Resilient Lady — a ship who represents so much more than we ever could have imagined.

Our collective resilience has been the theme of the last year; growing, prevailing, and looking toward a future that we’ve never been more grateful for — which is why it was important to us that the name we chose for our newest lady ship reflect the strength of our past and the power of our future.

While the year has been filled with adversity and adaptation for all of us, it’s no secret that women have been challenged to rise up more than ever during the pandemic. From juggling motherhood with the newly minted title of at-home teacher to making sure things stay afloat at work, women around the world have endured and prevailed. And as the medical community faced the virus head-on, women made up 67% of the global healthcare workforce and 80% of all nurses. So it felt deeply important for us to honor and acknowledge the sacrifices, contributions, and resilience of the women in our lives.

So as we approach nearly a year of this experience, we’re grateful for what we’ve gotten through while being excited and hopeful for how bright our futures look. Essential workers once fearing for their own lives as they care for us are now beginning to feel at ease with vaccinations, and that future exists on the horizon for us all. And like our futures, Resilient Lady’s is bright, too — with plans to set sail through Europe to some of the most unbelievable destinations in the world. Places we’ve been dreaming about all year.

She’ll set out from our new homeport of Piraeus (Athens), Greece — seeing the world, like us, with fresh and appreciative eyes. Her new seven-night itineraries, which include island-hopping in the Adriatic, late-nights in Croatia, and overnights in Mykonos, are now on sale for voyages in 2023. Our Greek Island Glow itinerary features stops in the gorgeous Greek islands of Santorini, Rhodes, Chania (Souda), Crete, and an overnight in Mykonos. Our Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems itinerary heads to Dubrovnik, Croatia (with a late-night stay), Kotor, Montenegro, and then onto the breathtaking Greek Isles of Corfu and Argostoli.

We’re so thrilled for the world to meet Resilient Lady; from the (new) mermaid who adorns her to the cities and islands she’ll travel to. We’ve never felt more confident about our future and seeing our dreams come to life with her in 2023.

This article was updated to reflect Resilient Lady's new launch dates. 

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