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FALL IN LOVE WITH EXPLORATION: 65% off your 2nd Sailor + free drinks.

65% off for your 2nd Sailor + $500 in free drinks!

Our Most Inclusive Offer

Ever explored the concept of love languages in relationships? Well, this February, we're sparking a different kind of romance – a love affair with travel. Like the five love languages that enhance personal connections, we aim to deepen your bond with the world. 

Discover how each love language unfolds into an extraordinary travel story with us.

  1. 💬 Words of Affirmation — Fall in Love with Treating Yourself: From epic extras like the first-ever quartz bed at sea to savoring always-included Michelin-star chef-curated menus at 20+ specialty eateries, every experience on board is an affirmation of your sophisticated taste and a luxurious act of self-love.
  2. 🔧 Acts of Service — Fall in Love with Thoughtful Experiences: Our service goes beyond just meeting needs. It’s about creating personalized experiences that resonate with you. From meticulously designed cabins featuring hammocks on most balconies to hand-picked itineraries and curated Shore Things, every element of your journey was thoughtfully designed to surprise and delight.
  3. 🎁 Receiving Gifts — Fall in Love with Exclusive Benefits: With 65% off your 2nd Sailor and up to $500 in free drinks, this is the perfect opportunity to share your love for exploration with someone special.
  4. Quality Time — Fall in Love with Enriching Experiences: Whether you’re seeking me-time or we-time, a place to celebrate your anniversary, bromance, or this year’s Galentine, our diverse entertainment options and breathtaking destinations are perfect for days filled with new horizons, evenings of mesmerizing performances, and nights of long conversations under the starlit sky.
  5. 💆 Physical Touch — Fall in Love with Self-Care: From rejuvenating spa treatments to invigorating fitness classes, every moment on board is an invitation to deeply connect with yourself and encounter like-minded Sailors. Embrace life’s beauty with all your senses with exclusive experiences across our lady ships through March during our Well-Being Season.

Ready to fall head over heels? Book by Feb. 29th, discover your love language of travel and create lasting memories with incredible savings. 

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