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Single Travelers Guide to Planning a Solo Cruise.

Cruising Solo
A solo cruise isn't just a vacation; it's a chance for self-discovery

A solo cruise isn't just a vacation; it's a chance for self-discovery and the creation of unforgettable memories on the open seas.

The idea of going on a cruise alone can be daunting — but solo travel is the way of the future. Luckily, US News & World Report named Virgin Voyages “among the best cruises for solo travelers” in 2022.

Solo Travel is on the Rise

Solo cruises are the new norm in 2024, as people are increasingly willing to take on adventure themselves if their friends or family can’t be convinced to join. “There is a really wonderful circular relationship between self-esteem and traveling,” licensed psychologist Dr. Chloe Carmichael Peet told NBC News. “Traveling in itself is an act of confidence. The fact that you went somewhere by yourself demonstrates strength.”

We’re inclined to agree — although between the bounty of onboard entertainment shows and events we curate and our carefully compiled list of Shore Things for when you dock, you won’t need to demonstrate too much strength on a voyage.

A study by MMGY found that one in four travelers plans to travel solo in the next six months. Will you be among them? Whether it’s with a classic, relaxing 4-night jaunt through the Caribbean or a sprawling 15-night getaway across the Mediterranean, you deserve some “you” time. See you on board for a solo cruise, Sailor!

Plan a Solo Cruise, Reconnect and Meet other Singles

Planning and going on a solo cruise can be a liberating and empowering experience, especially if it is your first cruise and you have no set expectations. Traveling on a cruise ship with like minded people who may also be traveling solo provides plenty of opportunity to meet new people. When traveling solo whether you’re over 30, 40, or 50, it’s your time to explore on your terms. You’ll be able to set your own schedule, or if you happen to meet someone on board you can schedule activities you’re both interested in through our Mobile App.

We are an adult only cruise line that caters to solo travelers, with our cruise ships having a sociable atmosphere and plenty of social events. As a solo traveler, you may want relaxation, or adventure, or a bit of both, regardless if you are a solo traveler that likes quiet time, or to be in the mix of social fun you’ll find plenty of activities on board our cruise ships, and on shore excursions.

Remember when planning your solo cruise to pack wisely. Consider what to wear on your cruise, although we don’t have a dress policy onboard our cruise ships, nor do we force you into a formal night, you still want to consider our cruise activities and dressing for shore excursions.

A Solo Cruise for Singles, and everyone in between

People of any relationship status can find fun aboard one of our voyages, and our exclusively adult philosophy creates an alluring onboard atmosphere that draws like-minded people to one another.

Our Crew has put a lot of thought into inclusive activities and spaces on board the ship, from a “grog walk” (Virginese for “pub crawl”) through our many bars to the shared table concept at Gunbae, our convivial, first-to-sea Korean BBQ restaurant — where diners mingle while seated around a table, all sharing the same grill.

“I came expecting to relax, eat some great food and have fun. What I didn’t expect was to meet such an amazing group of humans while traveling alone,” posted Braunwyn Windham-Burke of The Real Housewives of Orange County about her experience cruising single on Scarlet Lady. “I’m coming back different than I left, healing through joy, stronger and more aware of myself.”

Booking a Single Cabin for Solo Travelers

Our adult only cruise ships aren’t just retreats for the rich and reality TV-famous, though. The Insider and Sea View cabins are priced attractively for people traveling alone — and subscribers to the Virgin Voyages email list are often notified of promotions on double occupancy rooms with no single supplement, meaning you can spread out without the customary extra charge. 

Take advantage of booking a single cabin on board a Virgin Voyage cruise ship, find a solo cruise deal and start saving. Our cruise cabins are super-yacht inspired cabins, built to optimize space and views. Perfect for solo travelers yearning for sophistication, relaxation, with VIP service!

Enjoy comfort and privacy to your heart's desire in your own space, but if you ever feel need for a guest, our cabin beds are designed to be converted to give that living room vibe while making for a welcoming space of enjoyment.

Best Cruise Line for Singles and Solo Travelers

Our adults-only cruises make the perfect atmosphere for single cruisers to meet new friends. With plenty of onboard activities and entertainment, you won’t lack for excitement or things to do. From bar crawls to adult games, and cruise karaoke you’ll have plenty of laughs and fun.

We also provide the Virgin Voyages mobile APP, it’s no Facebook group, but gives you options to easily connect virtually with other sailors on board while providing options of sharing activities as well. Feel free to explore our APP once you’ve booked your cruise, and no worries, we have free wifi onboard so that you can stay connected with friends and family at home, so even when you’re traveling solo, you won’t be too far from loved ones using video call to connect.

These and more make Virgin Voyages stand out as an excellent choice for solo/single travelers. If you’re truly craving for a solo cruise, pick Virgin Voyages for a memorable voyage on the high seas.

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