News Jul 26, 2022

Can we steal you away? Just like The Bachelorettes on this cruise, it’s time to fall in love.

Just like Bachelor Nation, we’ve eagerly awaited the return of the show that keeps us wondering, who is here for the right reasons? Or who is just, well, here. And next week, on August 1st, we’re thrilled to announce that a very familiar contestant is making her fashionably-late entrance. Gorgeous. Stunning. Multi-faceted. It’s our very own Valiant Lady, and she’ll be making her grand entrance on episode 4 of The Bachelorette — setting the stage, and ship, for Gabby and Rachel to fall in love on board as they explore new romances and new places across the Mediterranean. 

In a historic season for many reasons, The Bachelorettes will be cruising their way to happily ever after for the first time. And much like Gabby and Rachel, we have two lady ships to fall in love with; Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady. On our luxurious and relaxing, adults-only voyages, our getaways are the perfect place for couples to fall in love, or reignite the spark again after 40 years together. With dining, group fitness classes, gratuities, wifi, and essential drinks always included, you’ll feel (especially) relaxed knowing you’ll be getting over $600 in value included on your restorative vacation at sea.

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