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Can’t miss Caribbean islands you HAVE to Visit.

There is no way to pick just one.

Can’t miss Caribbean islands with Virgin Voyages

We’re only a few months into the year and chances are you’re already fantasizing about your first (or next!) big vacation plans for 2024. If you’re looking to relax on beautiful beaches, explore historic destinations, or embark on epic adventures filled with amazing biodiversity, look no further than a Caribbean cruise. Sure, for many of us the words “Caribbean” and “cruise” may conjure up images of a swarthy, rum-seeking pirate, but cruising is actually the best way to explore the Caribbean islands and take advantage of what each of these unique Caribbean destinations has to offer. Rather than being tied down to one location with an all-inclusive resort, cruising the Caribbean allows you to get the benefits of the all-inclusive experience while still having the freedom to explore each of the Caribbean’s diverse and exciting islands. When it comes to Caribbean vacations, why choose just one island when there are so many to explore?

Most Fun Islands to Travel to in the Caribbeans and Things to Do

With so many beautiful islands brimming with rich history, Caribbean vacations can feel almost overwhelming with all of the things to do. That’s why we offer Caribbean cruises that will let you get a taste of the region’s iconic islands, with time for relaxation at our dreamy beach club and adventuring with our many exciting excursions. By cruising through the Caribbean islands, you’ll get the best of what the region has to offer without having to feel tied down to a single resort. Rather than pouring over contradictory travel guides to try and piece together your own itinerary, we’ve got itineraries that will take you to some of the region’s best sights, with things to do for every type of traveler. 

Whether you’re a solo traveler looking for the adventure of a lifetime, or a couple looking to enjoy each other’s company (and the incredible Caribbean weather) these islands will provide everything you’re looking for in terms of must-visit attractions, relaxing beaches, and luxury accommodations while on our lady ships. Each of these five Caribbean islands offers an unforgettable experience that you simply cannot miss. So why not see them all while enjoying an adults-only cruise tailored exactly to your needs?

Bimini, Bahamas

1. Bimini

Your adventure begins in Bimini, where our iconic Bimini Beach Club will serve as a homebase for all of your relaxation and adventure. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail alongside stunning turquoise waters at this intimate, quiet Caribbean destination filled with natural wonders and stunning architecture. But don’t worry adventurers! This sleepy port is much more than meets the eye, with plenty of thrills and historic sites that will get your heart pumping for our Bimini cruise itineraries

Bimini Top Must-Visit Attractions:

Bimini’s rich cultural heritage makes it the perfect place for a guided tour. On our Bimini heritage and cultural tour, you’ll be able to learn the history of this beautiful island via an open-air tram through six of North Bimini’s most historic spots and famous faves. Did you know that Ponce de León first visited Bimini in 1500 in search of the fountain of youth? Let us know if you find it. 

Bimini Top Adventure and Outdoor Activities: 

For those looking to inject some adrenaline into their relaxing beach day, Bimini offers a whole host of exciting adventures so you can fully immerse yourself in its beautiful landscapes and biodiversity. From our Bimini Beach Club, you can book excursions to swim with stingrays, search for wild dolphins, or even embark on a two-tank guided Scuba tour. When it comes to the Caribbean, what you see on land is only half the fun.

Cozumel, Mexico

2. Cozumel (Playa del Carmen)

Legendary for its coral reefs, ecotourism, and white sand beaches, Cozumel is the ultimate Mexican getaway with a Caribbean flair. There is something for everyone on this stunning island off Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, from incredible eco-friendly adventures, top-notch culinary delights (tacos and tequila, anyone?), plus wondrous historical marvels that will transport you back in time. Explore one of the gems of Quintana Roo, where modern amenities butt up against Mayan ruins, and picture-perfect beaches lead to underwater delights that have to be seen to be believed. 

Known for its stunning beauty, thriving diving culture, and friendly locals, Cozumel is a must-see island on any Caribbean cruise adventure. This glistening Caribbean paradise was once home to the mighty Mayan civilization, and many of their meticulously preserved ruins remain to this day, just waiting to be explored. Cozumel’s beauty means it instantaneously finds a place in the hearts of everyone who passes through, making it one of the Caribbean’s most beloved destinations for relaxation and adventure.

Cozumel Top Must-Visit Attractions:

When it comes to Cozumel, you’d be hard-pressed to find something that you can’t do. For those looking to simply relax and take in some of the Yucatáns most amazing views, Anemona Beach in Punta Sur will provide you with undisturbed beauty and turquoise waters perfect for sipping piña coladas beside. For those looking to explore beyond Cozumel’s beaches, you can take a dip in a cenote or visit the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itzá and be transported back to the year 250 C.E. For our Caribbean cruisers who identify as foodies (or anyone who enjoys food in general), the island is home to top-notch Mexican eats and some of the best tequila under the Caribbean sun.

Cozumel Top Adventure and Outdoor Activities:

Cozumel is known worldwide for its thriving ecotourism industry, so those looking for an eco-friendly adventure that highlights the area's natural wonders will find no shortage of exciting things to do. For the adventurers among us, spend the day at Xcaret’s Xplor Park, where you’ll get up close and personal with the natural world by rafting through subterranean caves, then zipline through the park’s impressive jungles. Those looking to go even deeper into Cozumel’s brilliant turquoise waters can take a submarine expedition, where you’ll be able to see the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system at depths of 100 feet.


3. Aruba

There’s a reason The Muppets couldn’t stop singing about Aruba. One of the jewels of the Caribbean, this beautiful beach oasis has adopted the motto “one happy island” with good reason. From its colorful architecture to its plethora of seaside adventures, your Caribbean adventure would simply be incomplete without Aruba. With a stop in Oranjestad, you’ll get to enjoy the island’s bustling capital alongside the most beautiful waters in the world. 

While kicking it beachside is always a valid option in Aruba, Oranjestad is also the perfect start-off point for epic adventures to get your heart pumping and leave you breathless. (For something other than the views). You can snorkel in crystal-clear waters, explore an 80-year-old shipwreck, or hike the island’s highest point. Whether you’re a solo traveler looking to explore the Caribbean’s natural beauty, or a couple looking to bond over life-changing food, drinks, and shared experiences, there is something for every traveler in this island paradise.

Aruba Top Must-Visit Attractions: 

History lovers, get excited. This island is steeped in a rich cultural history dating back to its first inhabitants in 2500 B.C. Those wishing to learn more about Aruba’s history and culture can take a stroll through the streets of San Nicholas and enjoy the gorgeous public murals. Then make your way to the industry museum, where you can learn the island’s history inside a renovated art-deco water tower. Oh, and did we mention you can go on a snorkeling adventure to explore an actual shipwreck? Because you totally can. 

Aruba Top Adventure and Outdoor Activities: 

Want to quite literally see everything Oranjestad has to offer? Well you can by hiking to its highest point at the top of Hooiberg Mountain. With an expert guide to lead you, you’ll get a birdseye view of the island’s most historic sites. Once you’ve taken in the island’s beauty from its heights, you can see its depths with a submarine adventure that lets you get up close and personal with the Caribbean’s incredible aquatic biodiversity. Aquaman could never.

Grand Turk

4. Grand Turk

A Caribbean vacation would not be complete without a trip to Turks and Caicos, one of the world’s most popular island getaways. In Grand Turk, you’ll explore the island’s capital city while also getting a taste of its history and natural wonders. The island’s legendary beaches are just the beginning when it comes to Grand Turk. Just off the shore, you can feast your eyes on colorful coral reefs teeming with tropical fish you thought you’d only see in Pixar movies. 

Grand Turk Top Must-Visit Attractions:

Turks and Caicos’ capital is unsurprisingly filled with historic monuments to explore, from 19th-century churches to historic lighthouses to the must-see Clock Tower of Cockburn Town. Those looking to embody the Turks and Caicos party vibe can enjoy a rum tasting tour and private beach experience, where you’ll get to dip your toes in the sand with a drink in your hand. (Oops…didn’t mean to rhyme there…).

Grand Turk Top Adventure and Outdoor Activities: 

Thrill seekers will find no shortage of adventures to stay active while exploring Grand Turk. You can explore the ocean’s wonders with a snorkeling adventure to two of Grand Turk’s most beautiful reefs. You’ll even get to see the Wall, which at 7,000 feet deep is the third-largest coral reef system in the world. And be sure to keep an eye out for Lucky, Grand Turk’s resident nurse shark. Don’t worry, they’re friendly!

Costa Maya, Mexico

5. Costa Maya

This lesser-known section of the Maya Riviera is no less stunning to explore. From ancient ruins to cozy beachside villages, Costa Maya is the perfect stop for any Caribbean cruise. Known for its natural lagoons that boast a whopping seven shades of blue, the beauty of this beachy haven cannot be understated. Let yourself be charmed by the sleepy beach towns of Mahahual and Xcalax. Indulge in a Mayan wellness retreat, or dive into one of the Yucatáns world-renowned cenotes. These undisturbed beaches will make you feel like you’ve stumbled upon an undiscovered gem, just a few hours south of Tulum. 

Costa Maya Top Must-Visit Attractions:

Any trip to Costa Maya must include a trip to some of the island’s Mayan ruins, where you can explore newly excavated sites and learn more about the ancient people that once populated the island. The nearby Chachoben ruins is a historical marvel and features a climb above sea level to the Gran Basamento, where archaeologists have found ceremonial offerings that date back to 1,000 B.C. A trip to Uchbenkah Lagoon will have you exploring jungles and mangroves as you familiarize yourself with the Yucatán’s wildlife and lush vegetation. Officially entering your Tarzan era. 

Costa Maya Top Adventure and Outdoor Activities: 

Want to see the real Costa Maya? Then hop into a clear-bottom kayak and get active while taking in the island’s thriving marine life. (Bonus points if you hop off and take a swim with them). For a high-energy off-the-beaten path adventure, you can explore the island in style with an eco-friendly Jeep off-roading experience that will take you through the town of Mahahual with stops for a lighthouse tour and tequila tasting.


Best Accommodations and Travel for the Caribbean Islands

As you can see, a true Caribbean adventure cannot be tied to just one island. To really experience the incredible beauty this region has to offer, you have to take it in by sea. A Caribbean cruise offers sailors the opportunity to hop from white sand beach to white sand beach, exploring the unique tapestry of cultures each island has to offer. Rather than being tied down to an all-inclusive resort, the cruise ship offers an almost all-inclusive experience while still letting you set sail and explore. You won’t have to spend your time coordinating between different hotels or Airbnbs to see more than one Caribbean island. Instead, you’ll head off on a luxury, adults-only adventure that will have you mark whole countries off your bucket list. 

Included in your voyage will be five-star-worthy restaurants led by Michelin-star chefs, award-winning entertainment, and luxury accommodations. On our award-winning cruise ship, you won’t have to worry about what to do next, as we offer a whole host of on and off-ship experiences to make every second count. Let’s face it – the vibrance of the Caribbean can’t be experienced without voyaging out into its turquoise-blue seas. Those pirates were really onto something.

Fun & Memorable Caribbean Vacations 

If you are looking for an exciting, memorable vacation that you can look back on fondly for years to come, look no further than a cruise to the Caribbean. Solo sailors will get the experience of a lifetime all while meeting fellow travelers in adults-only luxury. And there’s no better way to spice things up with a partner than a stunning Caribbean cruise across multiple islands with no kids in sight. From snorkeling through a coral reef to exploring Mayan ruins, you’ll be dazzled by all the things to do on your Caribbean adventure. The Caribbean can’t be explored on just one island, so why not join us for the beach-hopping vacation of a lifetime?

Let’s plan your Caribbean getaway!

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